Climate Change

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Politicians and environmental experts are pushing for more electric vehicles on the road. Studies have been carried out to determine how much an EV costs to operate vs. a gas-powered vehicle.


Who is Bjorn Lomborg? Is he a climate change denier? His frequent appearances on Fox News has earned him a reputation for being "anit-climate change," but, Lomborg is actually someone who believes in climate change. He is the head of a think tank organization, the Copenhagen Consensus Center; through his think tank, Lomborg promotes common sense solutions to environmental issues.


In 1999, the IPCC (the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) released a report that claimed increasing global temperatures would cause a major meltdown of Himalayan glaciers.
The illegal wildlife trade has been going on for years in different Asian countries. Criminals traffic animals out of the continent to different areas around the world.
As extreme weather becomes more commonplace across the planet, more and more scientists are making connections between weird weather and climate change.
Green energy and protecting the environment are a huge part of politics, news cycles, and even university research these days.
A part of understanding climate change is knowledge of the carbon cycle. However, much misunderstanding regarding climate change is involved with the amount of time that carbon remains in the atmosphere.
Recently, a study published in Nature Climate Change held that at the current rate of loss, by 2035, the ice could be completely gone.
For every ten scientists who are bold enough to present evidence regarding climate change, there are also a significant number who disagree altogether or only seem to form a "consensus" of thought.
Employees are forced to throw the food away. It is not given to food banks, and employees aren't allowed (in some businesses) to carry leftovers home to their family.
We've been told for decades that efforts to protect the earth - particularly the ocean - in order to avoid catastrophic events.
Native Americans have been noted for carrying out practices which would actually promote the growth of certain species in order to be able to harvest while still protecting the numbers of the wild game they hunted and fished.