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JP Morgan analyst Christyan Malek says that OPEC+ "is back in the oil market driver's seat." Furthermore, JP Morgan predicts that crude could reach as high as $150 per barrel by 2023. The analysts further stated that the crude oil market is "at the start of a new super-cycle."
Although the turkey is usually the star of Thanksgiving dinners, the prices this year seem to be on the rise even though the bird isn't one that soars. Along with turkey, many of the other common items to complete a Thanksgiving dinner have increased in price as well, such as stuffing mix, cranberry sauce, and pies.


As gas prices have reached a national average of $3.42 per gallon, consumers debate whether the United States was ever energy independent. Former President Trump argued in early 2020 that America had finally attained the goal of energy independence, while pundits on the left argued that America has never met this criteria. So, were we ever truly energy dependent?
As the Biden Administration as well as the Fed's Chairman Jerome Powell continue to blame the current economic inflation crisis on supply chain "bottlenecks" and pandemic-induced shortages, the trucking industry warns that a looming vaccine mandate could decimate the trucking industry. If so, then this could only add to the supply chain crisis.
On Friday, Biden acknowledged public concern regarding rapidly rising inflation; consumers are paying more for necessities from gas to milk to eggs. Plus, with winter fast approaching, those using natural gas to heat their homes are facing a 250 percent increase in cost compared to last year's prices.