How Climate Change Is Affecting Portland Homes

Climate change works in various ways, and homeowners need to be prepared for it. According to, homeowners can combat climate change and prepare their homes by making a couple of changes and ensuring some best practices. 

There’s no need to worry, though, because every problem has at least one solution, and when it comes to your home, some simple things will make a huge difference. Here is everything you need to know about climate change and how it affects Portland homes!

Climate Change And Portland Homes

The good news is that Portland is the first U.S. city to follow a carbon reduction strategy since 1993. Through the Climate Action Plan (American Cities Climate Challenge Program), the city of Portland is expected to have its carbon emissions decrease by about 80% by 2050. 

However, that doesn’t mean homeowners can relax just yet. Due to climate change, the Pacific Northwest region will most likely experience drier summers and warmer winter temperatures. Because of these changes, homeowners can also expect extreme weather events to be more common, such as heat waves or wildfires. 

Flood risk and other types of property damage are all bad news for Portland citizens, yet, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your property can withstand these events. One of the most neglected parts of any house is the roof, and if climate change catches you unprepared, you might have some big expenses up ahead.

Your Roof And Climate Change

Since climate change unavoidably brings more frequent property damage, homeowners need to be more careful about their homes and perform regular maintenance, especially when it comes to their roofs.

Your roof is the first line of defense against the elements. If you want it to remain sturdy, you should definitely fix or replace it if need be. The advantages of having a quality roof over your head can even help combat the effects of climate change.

This is because your roof has the potential to reduce heat buildup in the cities. White roofs or cool roofs reflect heat and don’t absorb it as much, which can reduce the urban heat island effect. Many types of light-colored roofs can do this.

Green roofs are generally becoming more and more popular and there are many other types of roofs that can help the environment. It is important to also consider the roofing material. Since extreme weather events become more frequent due to climate change, your home will need a sturdy roof designed to protect you against a variety of weather conditions.

One such roofing material is composite shingles, which are often manufactured to resist hail, thermal cracking, high winds, or heavy rainfalls. Whatever the case, climate change is affecting Portland homes and homeowners should definitely consider opting for different roofing materials.

Insulation Issues

Insulation is an important aspect of any home. If your roof isn’t appropriately insulated, all that heat rises and goes to waste. A proper insulation system can prevent heat loss and overheating, reducing the need for heating and cooling energy. In this way, you and your home will help the environment.

Don’t Forget The Windows

Your roof isn’t the only aspect of your home that can be improved and adapted for climate change. Windows play a significant part in keeping your house warm. If your windows are damaged or face other issues, they are no longer energy efficient. 

In this case, window replacements will result in cost savings. You can use thin layers of tinting to reduce ambient heat that filters in your home due to their prolonged exposure to the sun.

Why Your Roof Can Make A Difference

Climate change is real, and it doesn’t show signs of stopping — yet you can use your roof to do good. With a rainwater management system, you can collect water, filter it, store it, and reuse it. Some green roofs can be used to create biodiversity and promote good air quality and protect your home from the heat. At the same time, your roof’s thermal insulation can help you become more energy efficient.

If your roof is old, damaged, and needs repair or you want to opt for a total reroofing project, consider these aspects the next time you think about your roof. Despite Portland’s climate change issues, you can make a difference. And it can all start with your roof.