John Kerry

John Kerry, once a U.S. Senator, is now the “Special Presidential Envoy for Climate” in the Biden Administration. Kerry has come under fire for what many in the public view as hypocrisy, including his prolific flights on a personal jet. In fact, just recently, the public learned that John Kerry’s private family jet emitted more than 300 metric tons of carbon since January 2021.

Now, Kerry’s office, particularly his senior officials, are in hot water after a watchdog group – Protect the People’s Trust (PPT) obtained emails discussing meeting with Mr. Kerry to discuss “budget discussions” that should be “kept off paper.”

The name of the official associated with Kerry’s SPEC office has been redacted, citing the personal privacy exemption.

In a March 9 email, the official put forward the idea of holding a “key briefing with Kerry” either via phone or in person. The email suggests that the important briefing had to do with the 2022-2023 fiscal year budget.

The email read: “I would also suggest a call or meeting soon with jk to update him on FY 22 and 23, focusing on all the elements we can’t put on paper.”

Fox News Digital obtained copies of the emails from the watchdog group.

Fox reports that further topics of the discussion “appear to come in response to . . .certain line items in the SPEC office.” Fox requested comment from the State Department, who then directed them to the “Requester Service Center.” The representative from the State Department “didn’t address questions about the emails.”

The director of the PPT watchdog group believes that the American people “would be hard pressed” to accept that the Biden Administration is wholly transparent. Michael Chamberlain (director) says that this chain of emails could have logical Americans thinking that promises of ethics and transparency are merely “lip service.”

One must note, however, that no emails came from Mr. Kerry himself. It is unknown if the meeting proposed in the emails ever took place. However, the emails do cast a negative light on Kerry’s employees. Americans should note that Kerry’s office does not stand alone; it is within the Secretary of State’s (Antony Blinken) purview. Kerry himself is not one to make many public appearances, and he is relatively quiet when it comes to what his office is doing. Kerry has a reputation as a statesman, but he does not make frequent public appearances.

Kerry has, however, traveled internationally to take part in climate change policy negotiations. He was at the 2021 UN COP26 climate summit as a lead United States delegate.

The watchdog group “Protect the People’s Trust” sued to get a copy of said emails after a public records request was not honored.

When President Joe Biden’s administration created the office, they offered a budget of $11.5 million; the current annual budget for the SPEC is $13.0 million. The office just obtained approval for 45 personnel.