The Kids Guide to President Trump

Although he is no longer in the White House, President Donald Trump continues to make an enormous impact on the nation. He speaks frequently on a number of television shows, appears in one-on-one interviews, spoke at the CPAC convention recently, and is still traveling and endorsing political candidates across America. While his political opponents would like to forget about the 45th president of the United States, his impact is still felt across the country. His popularity among his supporters has yet to wane, and some expect him to run in 2024’s presidential election.

He’s even working with Republican candidates running in 2022 mid-term elections.

Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has released a number of “Kids’ Guide” books, including The Kids’ Guide to the American Dream,The Kids’ Guide to the Bible, and The Kids’ Guide to Fighting Socialism. Huckabee’s Kids’ Guide series are presented as a bundle – subscribers will get the hard copy of the Kids’ Guide, a digital workbook, a streaming video that accompanies the book, and most bundles include a monthly Everbright Kids’ magazine subscription. A Kids’ Guide discussing the 45th president would be an appropriate edition in the series as well.

Many parents across the country are concerned about the amount of bias they are seeing in the main stream media. No longer are the facts of the day reported, but they are analyzed and discussed through a partisan lens. Sadly, many of our children are forming opinions based on this partisan analysis, and the message often detracts America and its moral foundations. The Kids’ Guide series offers information on every aspect of our nation’s history from the American Revolution to the roots of American exceptionalism to presidential history.

Just recently, Huckabee released a free Kids’ Guide to President Trump. This particular bundle offers the guide itself, the digital workbook as well as the streaming video, and the monthly magazine. When individuals claim their free guide, they pay $2 – which is a shipping and postage cost for the physical book and the Everbright Kids magazine.

It’s important to note that there are those who have defamed Huckabee’s Kids’ Guide, saying that parents don’t understand that they must pay shipping costs. However, this information is posted clearly on the website as well as information about canceling the subscription for a refund.

The Kids’ Guide to President Trump is marketed to tell the truth about President Trump as well as the accomplishments of his presidency. It is marketed as an unbiased guide, and it begins with Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. The guide will then discuss Trump’s “greatest accomplishments” while in office.

The guide also includes some biographical information on the 45th president.

The Kids’ Guide to President Trump is a great product with which to teach children how to use critical thinking skills. Once children have read the guide and worked through the digital workbook, they will have a proper background on Trump and his presidency. Parents may be able to hold discussions with older children about policies that benefited Americans, and they may be able to help their children discern between factual information and media propaganda after utilizing the guide.

The streaming video that accompanies the Kids’ Guide is titled “Great Again: Restoring Faith in America.”

Today, many educators promote a curriculum in which children are taught that America is not and never has been a great place. Some American forefathers are vilified and ridiculed for personal choices, and these individuals’ personal lives are used to tarnish their accomplishments. America is great because of individualism and exceptionalism, and the desire to strive for the best. We can’t afford to let our children believe that these imperfect humans didn’t promote ideas that have made our country a bastion for freedom and liberty – for all people.

Parents may utilize the Kids’ Guide series to discuss the ideas that made America exceptional. They may also use the guides as a springboard for discussion to rebut some of the negativity being taught in some schools, or conversely, they may be able to use the guides as a confirmation of historic facts without personal bias.

Huckabee promotes the Kids’ Guide series as family friendly and informative. He also describes the books as an unbiased presentation of facts; in fact, Huckabee’s series has not only published Kids’ Guides regarding Trump, there are also similar guides about President Joe Biden.

While the subscription to the Everbright magazine is promoted as an “extra,” the publication offers kid-friendly articles on a number of topics from the importance of family to ice cream recipes to an up-close look at past presidents (one article is title “Abraham Lincoln – How He Saved America”). Other topics include budgeting, animal stories, even science-based topics (one month information about the Perseid Meteor Shower was discussed).

It’s important to understand that when parents order the free bundle (plus $2 for shipping), they are signing up for a Kids’ Guide subscription of sorts. The subscription of $20.90 gets customers a Kids Guide every three to four weeks (titles will vary), and an Everbright Kids magazine will also come to your door on the same schedule, but you’ll need to add $5.75 per month to the initial subscription fee. Each Kids’ Guide comes with a streaming video lesson as well as the digital workbook.

Parents may cancel the subscription, but this cancellation must take place within 90 days in order to receive a refund of the total subscription price.