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It is no longer news that tech advancement in this modern era is driving many newspapers into extinction. Tons of people are now turning to digital content.  

You can’t blame people who favor reading news and articles online. Why? It is convenient, faster and they can access varied news and articles on the go. 

Many news media are embracing this new era of digital content. Nevertheless, some of the powerful ones are still struggling. They’re struggling to hold their position and grow their audience.  

However, most of these powerful news media want readers to pay to access their content. They want readers to subscribe before reading their publications. 

Honestly, the subscription fees news media like Washington is demanding aren’t that high. But many readers are used to accessing news and other content online for free. Thus, most of them may believe they don’t have to pay to read news from any platform.  

Excitingly, there are ways to access content on the Washington Post for free. In this article, we shall be discussing them in detail. So, read to know the various ways you can access Washington Post news and other articles without paying a dime.  

How To Read Washington Post For Free

You can gain access to the Washington Post and consume content on their website for free in several ways. We’re going to look at each of them here. 

However, please bear in mind that we do not encourage cheating. If you are interested in reading the Washington Post for a long period, you can consider paying the subscription fee. 

Besides, Washington Post’s subscription fees aren’t that much. You can visit the platform and see for yourself. 

Check out how to read the Washington Post for free. 

Method#1: Using a .gov, .edu or .mil email address:

Do you have a .gov/.edu/.mil email address? If yes, then you’re well-positioned to read Washington Post’s content for free. Just get a Washington Post account and change your email to any of the three emails mentioned here.

Where can you make these changes? You would have to log into your account and complete the changes in your profile. However, this method can only work for Washington Post subscribers with a .gov/.edu/.mil email. It would help if you also weren’t a subscriber. 

If you have already subscribed to the Washington Post, this method won’t work for you. 

Now, follow the steps below.

Step#1: Visit Washington Post and sign in. You’ll find the sign-in icon at the top right-hand corner. 

Step#2: Create an account and provide the necessary information. Then utilize any of the three email addresses mentioned earlier (.gov/.mil/ or .edu). 

Step#3: Open your profile and then to the “My Subscription” icon

Step#4: Click on the “.edu/.mil/.gov: Get free access

Step#5: You’re almost there! Now, get your registered email verified, and that’s it. 

You can now start reading articles and news on the Washington Post without paying a dime. However, if you don’t have the mentioned email addresses, you can try other methods below. 

Method#2: Take advantage of your Amazon Prime membership:

If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you have a reason to smile. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and Washington Post. So, it is easier for him to give Amazon Prime account holders free access to content on the Washington Post. 

However, free access to news and articles in the Washington Post for prime members only lasts for 4 weeks (a month). It used to be 6 months, but that has changed.   

Once the free trial ends, members have to start subscribing. The only good thing is that you can opt-out once the free trial ends. 

Can a prime member and Washington Post subscriber still enjoy this free trial? No, you can’t. So, if you already boast a Washington Post digital subscription, you have missed out on the free trial for Prime members.

If you don’t have a subscription yet and are an Amazon Prime member, you can activate the free trial. However, remember to cancel the free trial a day or two before it ends. 

You can also cancel the free trial on the day it would expire. Just ensure it doesn’t exceed that day. Otherwise, you’ll be automatically subscribed to the Washington Post.

Step#1: Visit your active Amazon account page

Step#2: Check under the option “Memberships and Subscriptions.” After that, click on “load other subscriptions,” and your Washington Post details will be automatically loaded. 

Step#3: You can cancel your free subscription by following the on-screen prompt. 

A Handy Tip: The free subscription for Amazon Prime members allows access to Washington Post’s articles and news online. Users shouldn’t expect newspapers at their doorsteps. 

Method#3: Regular free articles by Washington Post:

Washington Post offers readers access to free 20 articles every single month. But then, slideshow, blog posts, and other multimedia content are part of the 20 free articles.

How long do readers have to read Washington Post’s free 20 articles? Well, you only have a month to consume the free content. And it doesn’t matter if you finish reading all 20 articles in one day. 

Once you reach the limit, the Washington Post would restrict your access. You may have to subscribe if you want to continue reading articles on the platform or wait for the next month to access 20 free articles. 

A Handy Tip: The free 20 articles Washington Post offers readers last monthly. Thus, if you don’t reach your limit, the articles left won’t be included in the next month’s free articles. 

Is Washington Post Digital Subscription Worth It?

Absolutely! They also offer one of the top news services in the country. And what’s more, Washington Post’s subscription fees are pocket-friendly. 

Well, the subscription fee isn’t the major focus. A news media’s subscription fee might be a penny, but the quality of content would be poor. In such a case, subscribing or reading content from such platforms would be a complete waste of time. 

On the other hand, the Washington Post offers value for money. They have been around for over a century. And Jeff Bozos’ acquisition of the news media gave it a new direction. 

If you have been following the Washington Post for a while, you’ll discover they offer great daily coverage. Additionally, they boast well-respected reporters and provide in-depth analysis on a wide range of subjects.

The awards Washington Post has received since they started show how highly-rated the news media is. They have received 69 Pulitzer prizes so far, and only the New York Times has won more.  

How Many Active Subscribers Does Washington Post Have?

Even the most powerful news media might struggle to capture a wider audience in this digital age. But the Washington Post has been doing great in that aspect. 

Ever since Jeff Bezos acquired the company in 2013, they have deployed varied strategies to boost their online audience. Jeff Bezos owns Amazon and looks forward to having every account holder from the e-commerce platforms on Washington Post. 

Excitingly, the news media’s online readers have increased massively over the years. In 2021, ComScore reported that Washington Post’s readers were approximately 66.2 million. 

So, it’s fair to say they’re growing and may overtake most of their competitors soon. It’s only a matter of time before it happens.   


This post contains tips on how to read the Washington Post for Free. You can take advantage of the free 20 articles given to readers every month or use your prime membership. 

Another way to read the Washington Post for free is by using .gov/.edu and .mil email addresses. However, if you’re already a subscriber, you might miss out on this opportunity. 

Washington Post is a top-rated news media. They provide quality content and boast well-respected reporters. So, their digital subscription is worth it. It will grant you access to top news and articles on varied subjects.