The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism Book

One of the chief concerns of the typical American parent is a proper education for one’s child. When parents send their children to school, they expect their children to be taught not only how to read, write and do math, but learn history, science, and life skills. In recent years, many parents have become aware that college campuses are working to indoctrinate our children. However, the trend is becoming evident that secondary and elementary schools are also prime areas where socialism is being promoted.

In theory and on paper, socialism sounds like a utopian vision. The worker is a highly valued individual, and equality is a guarantee. The government takes a more proactive role in the lives of citizens. People pay fair taxes. When the people fall on hard times, the government offers a helping hand.

However, socialism is one economic system that never seems to work. For all the promises socialism makes, not one country that has utilized the system has become a success. Many point to Venezuela as an example. Venezuela was once one of the richest countries in the world, but within one decade of the implementation of socialism, Venezuela’s people are hungry, poor and distraught.

In an effort to fight the current push for socialism, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee has published The Kid’s Guide to Fighting Socialism. Governor Huckabee understands that we are facing a generation that does not understand the problems that socialism can manifest, and he created this guide for parents concerned about what they’re children are learning in school.

Governor Huckabee states that The Kids Guide to Fighting Socialism is meant to assist kids in understanding the differences between a socialist and a capitalist economy. Huckabee also explains why socialism “just doesn’t work,” and he gives kids tips on how they can fight to keep America from becoming a socialist country both now and in the future.

The Kids Guide to Socialism is a monthly publication, and, if parents order the bundle package, kids will be able to enjoy a streaming video lesson as well as a digital workbook. More information is available at

Why is Governor Huckabee’s book relevant today? In 2018, a Gallup poll of young people aged 18 – 25 revealed that 51 percent of those responding viewed socialism favorably. Only 45 percent of the same age group viewed capitalism favorably. In 2010, the same age group was polled. At that time, 68 percent of 18 – 25 year-olds viewed capitalism favorably. In just eight years, those who believed socialism was a better economic system grew by 33 percent!

At one time, teachers utilized contemporary literature to teach the negative aspects of socialism. Author George Orwell’s Animal Farm and 1984 made great commentary on socialism. Animal Farm in particular showed how corruption among leadership could pollute any good socialism might be capable of doing. While many workers believed they could make the circumstances on the Farm better by working harder, no matter how dedicated they were in their service, it was never enough for the corrupt leadership.

Workers were still given the least of food rations, and their work load was increased. The promises of a more leisurely life were never realized. At the end of the novel, the animal leadership were no different than the previous leaders of the Farm.

However, both Orwell’s novels are on the banned books list, so many schools restrict their use in the classroom. Some school districts only allow their use with parental permission, but, other school districts will not allow their place in the classroom at all.

That leaves many parents in a gap – how do they teach their children the values of individual liberty, the free market, and self-responsibility? A guide such as one created by Gov. Huckabee could prove invaluable as children are pushed to turn away from American exceptionalism.