Mike Huckabee speaks at a Republican rally

Mike Huckabee is the former Republican governor of Arkansas. He ran for president in 2016, but threw his support behind then-candidate Donald Trump after leaving the race. He is an outspoken conservative political commentator, regularly appearing on various Fox News programs to lend his views. He is also a conservative Christian whose values greatly influence his viewpoints and his time in political office.

Celebrated Name: Mike Huckabee
Real Name/Full Name: Michael Dale Huckabee
Gender: Male
Age: 66
Birthdate: August 24, 1955
Birthplace: Hope, AR
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 170 lb.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse Janet Huckabee (nee’ McCain)
Children/Kids: (Two Sons, One Daughter) John Mark Huckabee, David Huckabee, Sarah Huckabee Sanders
Dating/Girlfriend Name: N/A
Is Mike Huckabee Gay? No
Highest Political Office: Governor of Arkansas
Profession: Christian Minister, Politician
Colleges Attended: Ouachita Baptist University, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary
Degrees: Bachelor’s, Religious Studies
Salary: $500,000
Net Worth in 2021: $10 million

Biography: Early Life and Family

Mike Huckabee was born in Hope, Arkansas on August 24, 1955. His parents were Dorsey Wiles Huckabee and Mae Huckabee. His father was a fireman and a mechanic. His mother worked as a clerk at a local gas company. He has one sister, Pat Harris. Huckabee’s upbringing in a Christian home would have a great influence on his future political career.

Huckabee himself began working at the tender age of 14. He worked at a local radio station as a presenter. He read the news and the weather. He began to dabble in politics as a teenager. He ran for the student council at Hope High School, his alma mater, in 1971. He was successfully elected to the council. In 1972, he began preaching at the Garett Memorial Baptist Church in Hope, Arkansas.

Huckabee would attend Ouachita Baptist University, where he received a degree in Religious Studies. He would attend the Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX, but would not complete studies there. Huckabee would later attend Marquette University (1990).


Personal Life

Mike Huckabee married Jane McCain on May 25, 1974. He was attending Ouachita Baptist University at the time. He earned his degree, then pursued further studies at seminary. However, after one year of attendance at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, Huckabee was offered a job with a Christian broadcasting station, which he accepted.

Huckabee worked as the director of communications for Evangelist James Robison. In 1980, Mike Huckabee worked as an ordained minister in Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee has three children. His daughter, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, is the most prolific of his children. She served as one of President Trump’s press secretaries. She was known for her ability to speak consistently and concisely with some unfriendly press. She is currently running for the governor of Arkansas.

Mike Huckabee and his wife Janet have two sons, David Huckabee and John Mark. Mike Huckabee is a celebrated family man with a deep, patriotic love for his country.

Age, Height, and Weight

Mike Huckabee is 66 years old. He is 5′ 11″ and he weighs 170 lbs.

Net Worth

Mike Huckabee is said to possess a net worth of $10 million in 2021.


In 1992, Huckabee began eyeing a bid for a political position. He ran for a seat in the United States Senate, but was unsuccessful. However, in 1993, there was a special election for the office of Lieutenant Governor in Arkansas, and Huckabee ran a successful campaign.

Huckabee was the lieutenant governor of Arkansas between 1993 – 1996. Then-Governor Jim Guy Tucker resigned, and Huckabee was sworn in as governor. He would stay in office until 2007, successfully winning re-election after re-election. He was the third-longest serving governor of the state. He only left office due to term limits.

During his time as governor, Huckabee served as chairman of the National Governor’s Association between 2005 to 2006.

Huckabee would run for the office of President of the United States in the 2016 presidential election. He was one of many candidates for the Republican nomination. He announced his intention to run in his hometown of Hope, Arkansas on May 5, 2015. He had previously run for the office of the president in 2008.

Huckabee suspended his presidential campaign on February 1, 2016. Once he decided upon this move, he threw his support behind then-candidate Trump.

Huckabee’s 2008 Presidential Run

Huckabee was expected to run for the office of president in 2008. He had already been a regular on Fox News, and he was highly respected in Arkansas as well as across the nation. On January 28, 2007, Huckabee publicly announced his intentions to run.

During the 2008 presidential campaign, Huckabee was one of the favorites, along with John McCain (who would ultimately win the nomination from the Republican party) and Mitt Romney.

Most political pundits attributed Huckabee’s popularity to the support of a large group of Evangelical Christians. Mike Huckabee would win the Iowa Caucus, a tell-tale poll that usually serves to pick the future nominee. Both McCain and Romney polled below Huckabee.

However, Huckabee would eventually concede to the eventual nominee John McCain. Huckabee placed second regarding the number of delegates needed to secure the Republican nomination. Huckabee had a combination of 240 delegates.

Although Huckabee was a popular contender for the presidential candidacy, his alleged handling of a rape case during his time as governor posed more questions than answers.

Huckabee had written to Wayne Dumont encouraging him to apply for parole. Huckabee mentioned in the letter that he felt Dumont had been treated unfairly. The Arkansas Parole Board would eventually grant Dumont parole, but the board would later say that they felt pressured by Huckabee to do so. Unfortunately, Dumont would be in legal trouble shortly after. He was arrested and convicted of killing a woman in Missouri.

Career Outside of Politics

Huckabee has worked since leaving the 2016 presidential campaign as a author and television personality. He makes regular appearances on Fox News as a commentator. He also hosted his own show on the network, “Huckabee.”

Huckabee has also hosted a radio program titled “The Huckabee Report.”

He was working on television and radio prior to the 2016 presidential campaign as well.

He signed a deal with ABC Radio Networks in 2008 which required him to do daily commentary on a radio program. This was “The Huckabee Report,” and it ran until 2015. His show on Fox News also began in 2008. “Huckabee” was a weekend program that was highly popular.

In 2012, he launched a daily talk show on Cumulus Media Networks. That program ended in 2013. This radio network was formerly ABC Radio Networks, who had a prior relationship with Mike Huckabee.

When Huckabee decided to run for the presidency in 2015, he filed financial reports stating that he had $4 million in revenue from the following:

  • publishing
  • public speaking
  • media production
  • a travel tour business
  • vacation rental property in Florida
  • property value that numbers in the million in accumulated real estate and accumulated investments

Huckabee also owns a home in North Little Rock that was valued at about $675,000; he put this on the market in 2015, but it is not clear if the property sold at that time nor the price for which it sold.

His report on speaking fees reached a total of nearly $1 million for the 2014 fiscal year. Most of his speeches were for religious groups.

Huckabee is also an author

His books include the following titles:

Huckabee also plays with a musical group, Capital Offense. He plays the guitar in this group. They perform regularly; it is one of Huckabee’s favorite pastimes.

Recently, Huckabee published a group of books called The Kid’s Guide. These books cover a wide variety of topics including the Bible, current events, news, and more. There are also videos that accompany the books as well as lessons on the topics. Huckabee’s goal was to make difficult topics easier with the publication of the books and videos.

Some of Huckabee’s books are also on audio tape.

Huckabee is also a paid spokesperson for Relief Factor. He claims to be a paying customer as is his wife. He appears in commercials for the product as well.

Real Estate Ventures

Mike Huckabee and his wife Janet paid $8.39 million for a home in Santa Rosa, Florida in 2009. In December 2020, they sold the home for $9.3 million in December 2020. Mike and Janet then paid $1.75 million for a home in Arkansas.

The couple plans to retire in Arkansas.