US Embassy Iraq

Early Sunday, two rockets were fired, targeting Baghdad’s ultra-secure Green Zone that houses the US embassy, Iraq’s security forces said in a statement.

“The Green Zone in Baghdad was the target of two Katyusha rockets. The first was shot down in the air by C-RAM defense batteries, the second fell in a square, damaging two vehicles,” the statement said. One rocket fell roughly 1,640 ft. from the American embassy.

American foreign policy changes based on many varied factors including previous policies and the need to stay on top of the latest developments. All over the world, people see Americans and their actions in a different light. One of the trickiest places for Americans is the Middle East. Over time, people in power in the United States have found it necessary to come up with new ways to better serve the needs of locals and Americans serving there. This has been particularly true in Iraq. Relations have been especially fraught. That’s why it is not surprising that tensions in the region keep breaking out again and again.

Rockets Fired

Rockets have long been a problem for those serving overseas. The American embassy in varied parts of the world has come under fire repeatedly. This is what happened to the United States embassy in Baghdad, Iraq in recent days. Two rockets from the struggling city were fired in the embassy’s direction. One of the rockets was caught in time before it could do any damage to the building where the agency is housed.

The rocket was shot down by military officials who spotted it as it appeared to approach the embassy. The other rocket was clearly aimed at the embassy but missed the mark entirely. The rocket’s target was obviously the embassy compound where staffers live when they are not at work.

The Green Zone

A U.S. C-RAM system or the counter rocket and mortar anti-missile is the defense system used to protect the compound from problems like this. The embassy is located in the green zone of Baghdad. This is the area generally considered safer than the rest of the city. That’s because it is protected by the American military from armed attacks from those who are fighting for control of the region.

Civilian Vehicles

While the rockets did not hit the compound, they did hit two civilian vehicles. They landed near an area known as the Grand Festivities Square area that is located right next to the green zone.

The Union III base is the headquarters of a coalition that is fighting Islamic efforts to retake Iraq. The coalition is led by Americans but also includes military officials from other nations. The rockets landed well north of this area. Officials state they have no evidence of casualties right now. They are also reporting that no one has as yet stepped forward to claim any kind of responsibility for the attacks right now. In the past, varied groups have made it clear they would like to see the coalition leave the area and allow them to control it instead.

Officials expect that at least one group will state they were behind the latest attacks.

Iranian Backed Militias

One of the many obstacles to peace that officials face in the region are military forces back by Iran. Iranian government officials are opposed to the American presence in the area and have said so loudly on many occasions. They have set a deadline for Americans and others they consider having no rights to be in this part of the world. The deadline is the new year.

Marine Gen. Frank McKenzie has spoken to the press about the incident. In a briefing to the Associated Press, he stated that the Americans would continue to back forces that are fighting against the attempted Islamist takeover of the region. This will continue to take the form of air support as well as many other types of military aid. Many such groups have continued to attack American forces in the region. In the aftermath of a strike by a drone that killed two high ranking Iranian military officials, the Iraqi capital continues to draw fire. Groups aligned with Iran have told the world they are engaged in acts of revenge against what they feel was an unwarranted attack.