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Many of the United States’ past presidents served in the military in varied capacities. These include most of the nation’s founding fathers, such as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, James Monroe, Andrew Jackson, etc.

But while most of them served in the Continental Army, some joined the militia during the American Revolutionary War. George Washington was made the Commander of the Continental Army.      

The number of past presidents who served in the military will make you believe military experience is crucial to winning the US presidential elections. But that’s not the case. 

Many previous US presidents without military experience have emerged. Examples include Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and even Donald Trump. Now, Joe Biden is the 46th and latest president. And everyone wants to know if he served in the military or not. 

This takes us to a crucial question.

Did Joe Biden serve in the military? 

No, Joe Biden didn’t serve in the United States military in any capacity. However, he had several opportunities to serve. Unfortunately, he wasn’t able to utilize them.   

The drafts came while Joe Biden was in school, and he had five deferments in total.

His chances to join the military got squandered by health issues. A medical test conducted showed that he had asthma, making him unfit to join the military. 

So, Joe Biden got a 1-Y status, which made the military to disqualify him from participating in the Vietnam War. Otherwise, he might have joined and become a war veteran.

Now, the 1-Y status is no longer in use. They eventually ended it in 1971. 

Keep reading as we discuss more on speculations linking Joe Biden to the US military.

Did Joe Biden’s Children Serve In The Military

Yes, two of Joe Biden’s children served in the military. And their names are Beau and Hunter Biden. Beau Biden was born February 3, 1969, while Hunter Biden was born February 4, 1970. 

However, both of Joe Biden’s children served in the US military in various capacities. But Beau Biden’s reputation and achievements in the military were quite remarkable.

Evidence of his outstanding performance in the military service was his constant promotion. Beau joined the service in 2003 and enrolled in the Judge Advocate General (JAG) School as a Delaware Army National Guard member. 

He served not only as a military lawyer in his unit but as a judge advocate. Beau Biden got promoted to Captain in 2005, and later on, a Major in the US Army. 

Additionally, he served in Iraq from 2008 to 2009 and finally got a bronze medal for his outstanding performances. 

How did Beau Biden die? Joe Biden didn’t die in the military service. He passed away at age 46 in 2015 due to brain cancer after being diagnosed with the disease two years ago.     

Hunter Biden was Joe Biden’s second son to join the US military. He got into the United States Naval Reserve from 2013 to 2014 and left the service as an Ensign. 

So, he didn’t spend much time in the military as his elder brother, Beau, though he probably might have done so if he had much time. 

Why was Hunter Biden’s time in the US Naval Reserve cut short? He got dismissed from the service honorably after failing a drug test.

The test confirmed there was cocaine in his system, prompting the authorities to fire him. 

A Handy Tip: Donald Trump has had a debate with Joe Biden, where he mentioned how Biden’s son, Hunter, was dishonorably sent packing from the US military. 

An angry Biden didn’t take the allegation lightly. And really, the main details surrounding Hunter’s dismissal reveal that Donald Trump’s accusation wasn’t true. 

Hunter Biden was honorably relieved of his duties a month after being assigned to a reserve base located in Norfolk, Virginia. His assignment was to head the base as their public affairs officer. Unfortunately, he blew the opportunity away. 

4 Top Past US Presidents That Served In The military 

To many individuals, having a president that served in the military is a big asset. In the time of war, the Commander-in-Chief’s knowledge and experience could prove helpful. 

Well, these points are valid, as experience is crucial in warfare. But the nation has had presidents who didn’t have military experience display outstanding leadership. 

Here are a couple of past presidents that served in the US military in varied capacities. Some served in the Continental Army, and some held top positions in the militia during the Revolutionary War. 

#1: George Washington:

George Washington had a blistering career in the military before becoming president. He was Commander of the US Army in the Revolutionary War. 

The Continental Congress commissioned George in 1775 to assume office as the Commander of the US Army. He got selected over other candidates, such as John Hancock, for several reasons.  

One of those reasons is because of his vast military experiences. Another reason was because he was from Virginia. They felt choosing a leader from the state would help unify the colonies.

After successfully leading the army for years, George Washington decided to call it quits. He became the United States of America’s first president after the war. 

A Handy Tip:  George Washington’s rank then is equivalent to a six-star general now. 

#2: Thomas Jefferson:

Many people know Thomas Jefferson as the man who drafted the US Declaration of Independence in 1776. But besides this, he also served as a Virginia militia during the Revolutionary War.   

Thomas Jefferson was Colonel in the militia and later became the United State’s third president. He was a war veteran, philosopher, diplomat, and architect. 

#3: James Madison:

James Madison’s military experience is similar to Thomas Jefferson’s. The only difference was Madison’s health. It prevented him from getting involved in the Revolutionary War, as much as he would have wanted. 

James Madison was a Colonel in the high-flying Virginia Militia. And despite his health, he was able to display great leadership qualities during the war.

James Madison’s activities in the American Revolutionary war helped propel him to greater heights, politically. He became a strong politician in Virginia and later became the US President.  

He was the father of the US constitution and the country’s fourth president. 

#4: James Monroe:

James Monroe is another veteran of the Revolutionary War. He served as Major in the Army from 1775 to 1777. He also had the opportunity to serve as a colonel in the Virginia militia from 1778 to 1780.

James fought in the Battle of Trenton and suffered a severed artery, which almost ended his life. And his bravery in the war prompted President George Washington to promote him. 

James Monroe, a diplomat, veteran, lawyer, and statesman, served as the fifth president of the US from 1817 to 1825. Additionally, he was the Virginia Dynasty’s last president.  

14 United States Presidents That Didn’t Serve In the Military Like Joe Biden

Joe Biden isn’t the only president that didn’t serve in the military. Several past presidents are on the list. Let’s look at them. 

#1: John Adams

#2: John Quincy Adams

#3: Martin Van Buren

#4: Grover Cleveland

#5: William Howard Taft 

#6: Woodrow Wilson

#7: Warren G. Harding

#8: Calvin Coolidge

#9: Herbert Hoover

#10: Franklin D. Roosevelt

#11: Bill Clinton

#12: Barack Obama

#13: Donald Trump

Joe Biden is the last name on the list at the time of writing. 


Did Joe Biden serve in the military? Here’s the question. After reading from start to finish, you’ll discover that Joe Biden didn’t have any affiliation with the US military before stepping into power. 

Records released only showed that Joe Biden had five deferments and received a 1-Y status after a medical test showed he had asthma. So, perhaps, he could have joined the military. Unfortunately, his health got in the way.

But the good thing is that Joe Biden’s children did join the US military and served in varied capacities. Beau, his eldest son, even rose to the rank of Major before his death. 

So, Joe Biden has experienced what families whose relatives are in the US military go through. Beau, his eldest son, once served in Iraq, an assignment that undoubtedly disrupts families of military personnel.