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The latest Quinnipiac poll revealed President Joe Biden’s current approval rating at a mere 33 percent, and political pundits say this is due to a myriad of crises that many Americans believe could have been averted. In August 2021, the Biden Administration pulled the American military out of Afghanistan, leaving behind thousands of Americans and American nationals in addition to leaving the Taliban in power over the region. Just a few weeks later, the media began reporting that people should begin their holiday shopping early due to dozens of cargo ships sitting unloaded in two major ports outside Los Angeles. Gas prices skyrocketed, as did food prices. However, these are just a handful of crises that the White House oversaw.

Research shows that up to one month prior to the Afghanistan departure debacle, people were actually pledging their loyalty to the Democratic Party. A Gallup poll from April 2021 showed “the largest increase in Democratic Party affiliation” in nearly ten years. In March, researchers reported that in Connecticut alone, at least 5,000 voters left the Republican Party while the Democrats held their percentages in the state. Even in July 2021, President Biden had a fairly positive approval rating of 54 percent.

After Afghanistan, however, those approval ratings began falling consistently, and crisis after crisis hammered away at Biden’s popularity.

Fast forward to April 2022 – Joe Biden’s approval rating is at an all-time low. There is a war going on in Ukraine, and military experts warn that China is watching and pondering its moves regarding Taiwan. The southern border is overrun with migrants, and at least 42 individuals whose names are on a known or suspected terrorist watchlist have been encountered at the border. Inflation is at 8.5 percent and rising.

The latest Quinnipac poll showed that not only do many Democrats disapprove of Biden’s presidency so far, but independents – often the voting block that swings elections one way or another – are very displeased with the direction of the country at present. The Nevadian Independent reports that in that state alone, hundreds are changing their party affiliation prior to primary season.

President Barack Obama said recently that the party has an issue with messaging. However, when the average American is struggling to keep one’s family housed and groceries stocked, that voter isn’t worried about the message – that voter is focused on the monetary bottom line.

One must admit that Biden hasn’t completely sat on his hands as far as attempting to improve the price of fuel. He has released millions of barrels of oil from the Strategic Reserve, and the administration finally yielded in easing off (somewhat) on oil and gas leases on federal lands. Biden has also sent a great deal of aid to Ukraine.

However, Biden isn’t doing enough to mitigate Americans’ pain at the pump or the grocery store. Plus, he’s letting a rather small but squawking portion of the Democratic Party – progressives – force his hand on certain positions.

Eleven Democrats have come forward to tell the president that Title 42 must not be rescinded, and Biden must listen to their advice. He should also reinstate the Remain in Mexico policy so that migrants can be properly processed through the judicial system. Work with Texas Governor Greg Abbott so that the wall can be finished and provide the border patrol with the manpower it needs to ensure the safety of the migrants as well as Americans.

The White House has got to tell the environmental lobby to sit down. Our American auto manufacturers are working steadily to design the very best in electric vehicles, but our infrastructure is far behind. Put a pause on the push for EVs, and encourage state and local governments to invest in infrastructure to support an America that utilizes EVs, if that’s the end goal. In the meantime, cut the red tape on oil and gas leases. We should not be buying foreign oil – period! Our fossil fuels in America are extracted in a much cleaner way, so it’s better for the environment.

Spending has got to decrease as well. Recall the COVID-19 monies that haven’t been used, and use that to fund improving infrastructure. In the alternative, the monies could go to help farmers who are facing higher prices on everything from fuel to fertilizer. Keeping agriculture prices down will help to keep the cost of groceries down.

The midterms will be a pivotal election, and those who want to get elected on either side of the aisle must listen to the American public and our needs in order to win our support.