Illegal immigrants arrested at border

In a Fox News exclusive, Representative Lauren Bobert (R-CO) shared legislation she has proposed regarding migrants and their ability to receive federally funded legal support as a part of her new bill, the No Taxpayer-Funded Lawyers for Illegal Aliens Act.

Boebert wrote the bill, and it has support from other conservatives in the House of Representatives as well as from immigration reduction organizations. Boebert told Fox that no organization or city that receives federal funding should be spending it in the form of legal aid for individuals who have crossed the border into the United States illegally.

Lauren Boebert, who is in her first year in the United States House of Representatives, told Fox News Digital, “the principle is really simple: No more American tax dollars to help illegal aliens cut the line and skirt our laws.”

Boebert wrote the bill in an effort to halt a Biden Administration plan to provide legal services for free to migrants who entered the immigration in one of seven border towns. According to Axios, who reported on the Biden Administration’s plan in January, “the new Legal Access at the Border, or LAB program, will not directly provide attorneys (for these migrants), but (it will) help prepare migrants for the legal process of immigration throughout California, Texas, and Arizona.”

Axios also related that the program will assist migrants who are in the process of crossing the border, those who are currently in Border Patrol custody, as well as those enrolled in the Remain in Mexico program, which was reinstated late 2021.

Rep. Boebert compared the way the Biden Administration treats the border and the huge influx of migrants into the country to an episode of the Oprah Winfrey show: “You get free education; you get a free plane ticket.” She also mentioned free healthcare as well as other freebies that federal tax money will pay for under the Biden Administration. Boebert quipped, “It really has to stop and my bill is the first step in this process.”

Boebert’s bill isn’t only intended to fight any freebies that migrants might get after illegally entering the US. Her bill also prevents private organizations that receive federal taxpayer dollars or fund immigrant defense programs from providing free legal aid to those who cross the border illegally. One such organization is the Vera Institute of Justice, which recently obtained a whopping $158 million taxpayer-funded contract in order to assist unaccompanied minors in avoiding being deported.

Boebert’s bill would also stop cities from funneling federal dollars to pay for legal assistance for undocumented migrants. This is another effort the Vera Institute is working to establish; the organization has already begun creating partnerships with cities across the nation in order to pay for legal expenses for migrants via the public defender. In one study, cities across the nation have provided up to $5.6 million in federal monies for illegal immigrants’ defense funds.

The Vera Institute told Fox News in January “providing legal representation to immigrants is widely supported and in line with our most fundamental shared American values.”

The Vera Institute believes that no immigrants should appear in court without the benefit of legal representation, especially if deportation is an issue.

The Southern border continues to be an issue for the Biden Administration, with encounters numbering at a minimum of 100,000 each month since Joe Biden took office. Rather than processing migrants at border facilities, the Biden Administration appears to be working to carry out that endeavor somewhere in the interior of the country, much to the dismay of many American citizens.

Boebert isn’t the first Republican to request that the Biden Administration do something about the immigration issue. Rep. Ashley Hinson, (R-IA) introduced legislation to bar taxpayer funds from paying for migrant flights into the interior of the U.S. This comes after a leaked video showed migrants being flown into New York late at night. Local police were unaware of the practice, and they questioned federal contractors present that night, who admitted the process was very “hush hush.”