What Its Like To Be A Stabbing Victim

Criminal stabbings occur in the U.S. on a daily basis. It’s an unfortunate reality that innocent persons are attacked in violent assaults with a knife outside bars, in shopping center parking lots, or even on school campuses. It appears nowhere is safe in this era of high crime and very little accountability, especially in the nation’s cities.

If you become a stabbing victim, you will likely be asking the obvious question: can I sue someone for stabbing me? Says the legal professionals at SteinLaw, while the perpetrator for the violent act is most definitely criminally responsible, the property owner might also bear the legal burden since it’s their duty to provide a secure and safe environment for guests, customers, and visitors. 

That answers the question of your legal rights, but how do you cope with the emotional and physical stress that comes with being a stabbing victim? According to a new report by The Enlightened Mindset, becoming a stabbing victim is a traumatic experience that can result in serious psychological and physical repercussions. However, that doesn’t mean stabbing survivors can’t find hope and healing in the future. 

What Happens When You Are Stabbed 

When you find yourself suddenly stabbed, the first sensation you experience is fear and shock. It’s not easy to illustrate the pain of a stabbing attack since it said to be both overwhelming and intense. 

The immediate physical response to being attacked with a knife will cause an adrenaline rush, which can for a temporary time mask the severity of the injury. In other words, at first, some victims don’t even realize they were stabbed, only that they were physically assaulted. 

The Emotional Impact Of Becoming A Stabbing Victim

But once the initial shock dissipates, the physical and emotional impact of being stabbed rears its ugly head. Not only are there the physical aspects of the wound that need to be dealt with, but the trauma from the stabbing attack is said to manifest itself in a number of different ways. 

These include but are not limited to depression, heightened anxiety, nightmares, flashbacks, and post traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. It’s even all too common for stabbing survivors to be isolated, helpless, and scared all the time. 

Grasping The Psychological And Physical Effects Of Becoming A Stabbing Victim

Says The Enlightened Mindset, in addition to the emotional issues that come with being attacked with a knife, there are also the serious physical issues. Knife attack survivors often experience scarring, limited mobility, and what’s worse, chronic pain. 

Also, there will almost certainly be psychological effects such as nightmares, problems with sleeping, and anxiety provoking flashbacks. The psychological and physical effects of being stabbed will not only interfere with your everyday life, but they can also be long-lasting. 

Coping With The Trauma Of Becoming A Stabbing Victim

It’s said to be of the utmost importance for survivors of a stabbing attack to find healthy and proactive ways to cope with the ensuing trauma. Relaxation techniques like deep breathing and progressive muscle relaxation techniques are known to be of great help when attempting to manage the psychological and physical symptoms of having been stabbed and survived. 

Also, you can engage in physical and therapeutic activities that promote and preserve self-care such as journaling, meditation, and yoga. These occupations and others like them, will reduce stress and anxiety. It’s also a good idea to seek out the professional help of a therapist who can provide both support and guidance in navigating the troubled waters of PTSD that occurs in the aftermath of a stabbing attack.   

The Long-Term Consequences Of Becoming A Stabbing Victim

It’s said that the long-term consequences of becoming a stabbing victim can be hard to manage all on your own. It’s important to be cognizant of the signs of PTSD such as avoidance behaviors, intrusive thoughts, nightmares, and hypervigilance. 

You might find yourself more dependent on prescription drugs and alcohol. You might also engage in destructive behavior like doing illegal drugs, hanging around bars, then getting behind the wheel of a car when you should not be driving. You might even find it difficult to engage in normal everyday duties at your workplace which can result in your termination. 

Again, if you are experiencing any of these issues, you need to seek out the assistance of a therapist right away. 

In the end, it’s important to accept what happened to you when you were stabbed and to adapt to all the physical and psychological changes that have occurred. This is an essential move that will help put the past behind you and keep moving forward with your life.