Senator Josh Hawley

Josh Hawley is the junior Senator from the Show Me State; he is known as a highly conservative Republican, and he’s also been described as a “Constitutional lawyer” prior to his service on the Hill.

Celebrated Name: Josh Hawley
Real Name/Full Name: Joshua David Hawley
Gender: Male
Age: 42
Birthdate: December 31, 1979
Birthplace: Springdale, AR
Nationality: American
Height: 5 ft. 11 in.
Weight: 168 lb.
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Marital Status: Married
Wife/Spouse Erin Morrow
Children/Kids: Three – Elijah, Blaise, and Abigail
Dating/Girlfriend Name: N/A
Is Josh Hawley Gay? No
Highest Political Office: United States Senator
Profession: Lawyer, Professor, Politician
Colleges Attended: Stanford University, Yale University
Degrees: Bachelor’s (no concentration listed); Juris Doctor (Yale)
Salary: $174,000
Net Worth in 2021: approximately $1.5 million

Biography: Early Life and Family

Josh Hawley was born in Arkansas, but his parents later moved to Lexington, Missouri, where Hawley would grow to adulthood. He was time and again an honors student, graduating as the valedictorian of his high school class and receiving “highest honors” at Stanford University.

As a teenager and college student, Hawley spent a great deal of time writing for various publications. He wrote multiple submissions for his hometown newspaper; at Yale, he was an editor of the Yale Law Journal. Many of the topics he covered had to do with politics and legal matters.

Many of Hawley’s teachers remarked on his future capacity as a public servant. One high school teacher predicted Hawley’s fitness as a future president, and a professor at Yale remarked that Hawley’s classmates viewed him as “politically ambitious.” As to his character, Hawley was described as “a deeply religious conservative.”

Hawley studied at two of the most prestigious universities in the United States. He also spent time as a graduate intern at St. Paul’s School in London.

Hawley was raised in the Methodist denomination, but his family now attends an Evangelical Presbyterian church.

Josh Hawley and Wife

Personal Life

Josh Hawley married Erin Morrow in 2010. Erin works as a professor at the University of Missouri. Together, the couple has three children: Elijah, Blaise, and Abigail. Abigail was born in 2020.

Hawley owns homes in Virginia and in Missouri.

Age, Height, and Weight

Josh Hawley is 42 years of age. He is 5″ 1″ and weighs 168 lbs.

Net Worth

Josh Hawley’s net worth is estimated to be $1.5 million from multiple sources.

Hawley spent some time in private practice as an attorney prior to becoming a United States Senator. He has also held positions as an associate professor and a few other teaching positions.

Senator Hawley has also written and published three works. His book, Theodore Roosevelt: Preacher of Righteousness was written and published in 2008 via the Yale Press. However, the exact sales for the book are unknown, although this does contribute to his overall net worth.

Hawley wrote and released a second book, The Tyranny of Big Tech. in 2021. The book sold over 21,000 copies in its first week, but more recent sales information is not listed.

One must also consider the amount of his home as a part of his net worth, although its exact value is not listed. Hawley earns a yearly salary as a United States Senator of $174,000 each year. Any information on stocks or other assets is not listed.

Career Outside of Politics

As most individuals earning a Juris Doctor do, Hawley spent two years clerking. During this time, among other federal court judges, Hawley would clerk for Chief Justice John Roberts at the Supreme Court.

Hawley’s first private practice employment took place at Hogan & Hartson. He also worked at the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty. At this establishment, Hawley worked providing legal advice, some used in Supreme Court cases.

The Hawley family moved to Missouri, where Hawley would work as an associate professor at the University of Missouri. He would spend the next two years teaching, among other subjects, constitutional theory. This likely contributes to Hawley’s beliefs and his reputation as a Constitutional conservative.

Hawley also served as a faculty member at the Blackstone Legal Fellowship.

Josh Hawley sworn into U.S. Senate

Career in Politics

Hawley would enter politics initially as an Attorney General for the state of Missouri. Hawley won the Republican primary with 64 percent of the vote. He would go on to win the general election with 58.5 percent of the vote.

One of Hawley’s landmark pieces of legislation has to do with opioid lawsuits. In 2017, he filed a suit on behalf of the state of Missouri against Endo Health Solutions, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and Purdue Pharma. Hawley’s suit sought the highest amount of damages in the state’s history.

Later that year, Hawley announced that he had opened an investigation into three other pharmaceutical companies, the three largest opioid distributors in America. In 2016, Missouri ranked 19th in the nation for opioid deaths. By 2021, the suit that Hawley initiated had garnered about a half-billion in settlement funds.

Hawley also opened an investigation into a backlog of rape kits that were allegedly held back intentionally. His investigation found that there were 5,000 such kits, and they were eventually processed with some kits leading to evidence in cases that would be prosecuted from that point on.

Hawley has also gone after “big tech” companies as a part of his legal career in Missouri. He opened a case in 2017 that looked into possible Google violations regarding anti-trust laws. He would also issue subpoenas to Facebook regarding how Facebook handles user data.

Hawley was also part of a group of states that sued the federal government concerning the Affordable Care Act. He would also open an investigation into Catholic abuse allegations in the state, but Hawley’s successor as Missouri Attorney General would inherit the case.

Hawley is described as a populist and a nationalist, two words that are often associated with very conservative individuals. Hawley has proven to be highly loyal to former President Donald Trump as well.

Hawley’s Political Positions

It’s important to note Hawley’s political positions to understand his political career. As a Constitutional conservative, Hawley tends to vote on issues based on his legal and religious background.

One area in which this is evident is his stance on abortion. He is pro-life, and he has made public his stance that Supreme Court justices should be “constitutionalist, pro-life” judges. In 2020, Hawley publicly stated that he would not support any Supreme Court nominee who “did not explicitly say that they would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade.”

Hawley has been a featured speaker on Fox News during the pandemic, and he has been outspoken on his views regarding government shut-downs, as well as mandates. He made a proposal that the government pay businesses to keep workers on payroll during shut-downs. He also wanted to see laid off workers hired back. Surprisingly, Hawley paired with fellow Senator Bernie Sanders, a known Socialist Democrat, to support payments of $1,200 stimulus payments to workers.

Hawley, like many of his Republican colleagues, has called for Dr. Anthony Fauci to step down from his position as the Chief Medical Adviser to the White House. Hawley has also given Dr. Fauci blistering criticism when Fauci has been on the Hill for testimony at various times during the pandemic.

Although he has been called a Trump loyalist, Hawley actually filed at least four lawsuits against the Trump administration regarding environmental regulations. The suits had originally been filed during the Obama Administration, and he filed follow-up suits against Trump’s White House to “hurry up” the process.

Hawley supported the War on Terror in Iraq during his younger years, particularly while he was a student. However, since entering his position on the Senate, Hawley became a vocal opponent of the United States military presence in the Middle East. Recently, Hawley has begun advocating that the United States stop focusing on issues in the Middle East and Eastern Europe in favor of keeping a watchful eye on happenings in China. In fact, Hawley most recently penned a letter to both Antony Blinken and the Department of Defense noting that very priority. Hawley sees China as a threat to both homeland security and democracy around the world.

Like many in his age group, Hawley believes that any time the United States has been active in promoting democracy in other nations, the noble idea tends to backfire on the United States.

Hawley has also been vocal about forgoing building a global economy.

Hawley sponsored a 2019 bill called the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. The Senate passed the act, and the act became law later in November 2019. Hawley protested the idea that the NBA would allow for slogans supporting Black Lives Matter but not in protest of human rights violations in Hong Kong.

Hawley overall is unafraid to confront fellow lawmakers and business leaders across the United States when it comes to defending his beliefs on human rights violations. He found himself in the midst of a Twitter war with the commissioner of the NBA, Mark Silver, due to his support for human rights.

Hawley is currently serving in the 177th Congress. His seat is not up for re-election in 2022.