A college education can often propel an individual to a higher socioeconomic status overall, but, at the same time, we often hear of “exceptions” such as Bill Gates or Michael Dell who dropped out of college then amassed a great deal of wealth. However, statistically, the majority of the world’s wealthiest people have earned at least a bachelor’s degree in a field of study.

Most individuals expect Ivy League universities to possess the most millionaires and billionaires as alumni, and Harvard is on the list of schools with a great deal of wealthy alumni. This is likely because Ivy League schools are chiefly private schools that have always commanded a top-notch faculty and only the brightest students. Students wishing to enroll in an Ivy League school typically have a high drive for success, which benefits them long after they graduate.

According to Wealth-X, at least five of the schools who have multiple billionaire alumni are Ivy League schools: Harvard, Yale, Cornell, and Columbia are all on the list of schools producing the most billionaires. However, there are other prestigious schools not considered to be Ivy League, but home to several highly renowned programs, that produce wealthy alumni as well.

10. University of Michigan – 26

University of Michigan

The University of Michigan may not be an Ivy League school, but it has produced a number of successful individuals – including billionaires Doug Meijer, who heads the supermarket conglomerate bearing his name. Google founder and billionaire Larry Page graduated from the University of Michigan as well.