Bob Dole Funeral

Former senator and presidential candidate Bob Dole passed away in December, 2021. His life, career and many years of public service are being honored in the nation’s capital. He served many roles in the senate. This includes his work as Republican Senate leader as well as serving three nonconsecutive years in the role of Senate Majority Leader. Dole is being honored with with two separate ceremonies. These will take place at the capital’s World War II memorial and the city’s National Cathedral. Many elected officials from both parties are speaking to the public about Dole’s long and historic career.

Many Speakers

Dole’s casket lay in state in order to invite guests to pay their respects in the aftermath of his death. After that, the casket was brought to the Washington National Cathedral for a further service. At a service in his memory, many of his fellow politicians spoke out about his work and what it meant to them. This includes Pat Roberts who also served in the Senator with Bob Dole. Another politician who paid tribute to him is Tom Daschle. Like Dole, Daschle also served a former Senate majority leader. Bob Dole’s daughter also spoke about her father’s long lasting legacy.

One politician who took the time to show up and speak is the current president. President Biden. Biden said of the man he worked with in the government many times, “I found Bob to be a man of principle, pragmatism and enormous integrity.”

President Biden was joined by Vice President Kamala Harris. Former president Bill Clinton was also at the ceremony. He was in attendance along with two others who have served in high public office. Both Mike Pence and Dick Cheney were at the service to show their respect. The American Senator has a chaplain. Reverend Dr. Barry C. Black, serves in this role. He offered a brief statement about the senator’s life and his religious beliefs.

The National Cathedral has a great deal of meaning for the senator. That’s where he married his second wife Elizabeth Dole. After this ceremony, the senator’s remains were transported to the World War II memorial.

A Legacy

One of the many legacies that Dole had during his life was his tribute to his fellow veterans. Dole volunteered for service at the start of the way. He was gravely injured during active combat. The memorial sits on the site of the National Mall. Dole was one of several elected officials who were instrumental in bringing the memorial to the nation’s capitol. Dole left the war with many medals to his credit include two Purple Hearts and a Oak Cluster. By the end of his service, he was a captain. Congress would later promote him to the rank of colonel.

Multiple speakers recalled the senator’s service to his country. That included actor Tom Hanks and General Mike Milley. The later is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. These are just some of the stops that intended to honor the legacy of the former senator. This also includes memorial services in his native Kansas where the senator often returned in order to speak to the public. He is being joined on this further journey by both his daughter and his second wife.

Like many others, the current president reminded his listeners to keep to the spirit of bipartisanship when remembering what the senator did. He pointed out that they did not agree on many issues. However, they also found a way to work for the people who sent them to office. He also honored the passion that Dole brought to his work.

The act of lying in state in the nation’s capital is an honor reserved only a few people. Dole is the 33rd person given this singular honor. He joins a handful of other elected officials who have also earned the nation’s respect for their work.