Joe Biden showing teeth

It is a norm to find President Joe Biden on the news now and then. Why? He’s the number one citizen and president of the most powerful nation in the world. 

However, one thing that has left us in awe about the president is his perfectly shaped and sparkling white teeth. His dentition is just too perfect for a 79 years old man. 

Joe Biden’s teeth look a bit more perfect than a 15-year-old’s. And that is surprising. Now, this leaves us with a tricky question. 

Does Joe Biden Have Dentures?

Well, Joe Biden hasn’t said anything about his well-shaped and perfect-looking teeth. No one can say they know the truth behind the current president’s teeth. So, only Joe Biden knows the absolute truth about Joe Biden’s teeth.

However, the DNC debate on September 12, 2019, gave valuable clues about Joe Biden’s denture claims. What transpired in Biden’s mouth while he was delivering a speech is enough reason to believe he had dentures.   

You can watch the video and see it for yourself. Many believed Biden was chewing gum and didn’t move his mouth weirdly because his dentures wanted to fall off. 

But let’s face it. Joe Biden was born in an era where water was not fluoridated. And this could have caused his teeth to decay. However, Biden lived as a middle-class to extremely wealthy person throughout his life. 

His family was extremely wealthy, so he would have had the best dental care in the country while growing up. 

Again, Joe Biden is a 79 years old man, for goodness sake! Most of us may likely have dentures or have no teeth in our mouths by this age. 

US Presidents That Likely Had Dentures 

Before we discuss former US presidents that had a terrible set of teeth, let’s make something clear. 

The work and dedication of our founding fathers are irreplaceable. We adore them, and they will always have our love and appreciation. 

However, history has taught us that some former presidents had terrible teeth. And some had an amazing set of teeth. 

Theodore Roosevelt had a stunning set of teeth that he enjoyed showing off. He was nicknamed “the first smiling president” because of how often smiled. 

Now, let’s discuss presidents that had terrible teeth. But then, one’s dentition doesn’t dictate mental acuity. And the former leaders we’re about to mention displayed absolute brilliance during their reign as presidents. 

#1: George Washington:

George Washington started losing his teeth in his twenties. And at the age of thirty, all his teeth had fallen off. He pulled his first tooth in 1756 when he was just 24 years old. 

In his diary, Washington mentioned the dental challenges he had. He mentioned aching and lost teeth. 

John Adams stated that Washington claimed he lost his teeth because he constantly used them to crack walnuts. But it was evident that something else was responsible. 

George Washington had smallpox, which got treated with mercury chloride (calomel). And that would have caused his teeth to fall off. 

Washington’s teeth problem was so severe that during his first presidential inauguration in 1789, he had only one natural tooth left in his mouth. The rest had fallen off. 

However, the former president didn’t allow his dental challenges to derail his ambition and good works. He wore dentures for the rest of his life and spent heavily on various cleaning agents and toothbrushes before his death. 

George Washington’s dentures were made from several materials. These include lead, ivory, cow, and pig teeth. He even wore dentures made from human teeth, a common practice in the 18th century. 

#2: John Adams:

Everyone knew John Adam had a dental health problem. But one thing stood him out; he was never ashamed to showcase his toothless mouth. 

Like George Washington, the United States of America’s second president, John Adams, lost his teeth early in life. John Adam’s dental health was nothing to write home about throughout his life. 

He had a strange affinity for sweets. And he could induce vomit to treat several bodily illnesses. Both habits cost John Adams his dental health, and even when he became president, he refused to put on dentures like his predecessor, George Washington.

It was evident that John Adams didn’t feel like dentures were the right thing. He wasn’t ready to experience the pains his friend, George Washington, experienced from wearing dentures. 

People from the president’s era can recall that he rarely opened his mouth to speak. He only did so whenever he had something very crucial to say. 

#3: John Quincy Adams:

John Quincy Adams, the United States of America’s sixth president, and John Adam’s son, also suffered several dental health challenges. 

Quincy Adam’s dental problem started in adulthood. He got treated with mercury for a mild case of smallpox, and he started smoking at the age of eight. Both events didn’t do his oral health any good.  

#4: Abraham Lincoln:

Among the past presidents, one name we can’t easily forget regarding dental issues is Abraham Lincoln. Why? He despised dental visits. 

Abraham had a reason for limiting dental visits during his lifetime. There are even reports that he only visited the dentists four times throughout his lifetime.  

Why? He was terrified, thanks to a horrible incident that happened earlier in his life. He went for a tooth extraction but ended up with part of his jaw bone ripped off. 

Abraham Lincoln was the first person to use chloroform as an anesthetic. He administered it whenever he was visiting the dentist. 

Did Abraham Lincoln use dentures like most presidents? No, he didn’t. Even if he did, there’s no evidence to prove it. 

#5: Woodrow Wilson:  

The 28th US President suffered a terrible stroke in 1919 and died in 1924 at 67. 

Shockingly, many dentists believe Woodrow’s stroke was caused by poor oral health. And modern research has provided more clues as to why that may have been possible. 

 Poor dental health can cause many life-threatening diseases, such as stroke, heart disease, etc. 

However, there is no evidence to prove whether Woodrow Wilson had dentures or not. We can only conclude that he had poor dental health, which may have shortened his lifespan.


Does Joe Biden have dentures? Well, only Joe Biden is aware of the truth behind Joe Biden’s dental health. But many believe he has. A video of him speaking at a DNC debate gave a clue that he may have dentures. 

Anyway, if the claim is true, we have to show Joe Biden some respect for how he hid his dentures for so many years. For someone who has been a public figure throughout his life, Joe Biden’s courage to not let the noise surrounding his dental health prevent him from showing up in public also deserves an accolade.