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Biden’s law school campaign speech at Hampshire will continue to ring in many people’s minds. The now elected and 46th President of the US claimed he finished at the top half of his class in law school.

That’s not all. Joe Biden also told the questioner that he probably has more IQ than him. 

A review of Joe Biden’s educational background reveals that he went to Syracuse University College of Law. 

But here’s a big question about the United States’ first citizen.

Did Joe Biden pass the bar exam?

Yes, Joe Biden passed the bar exam. That was why he got called to the bar. 

The Delaware bar examination is unarguably one of the hardest, given the score students require to pass. You need to score at least 145 to pass the exam, making it one of the highest scores in the country. 

Additionally, students only write the bar exam once every year. So, the waiting time is pretty long and could be frustrating. 

Keep reading to learn more about Joe Biden’s law school performances. 

Did Joe Biden Pass The Delaware Bar Exam In His First Try?

Yes, he did. Let’s look at when other notable personalities finished law school and got called to the bar.

Barack Obama graduated in 1991 from Harvard Law School. And 1991 was when he got called to the Illinois bar. 

What does this imply? It means Barack Obama passed his Illinois bar exam on his first try. But then, the bar exam isn’t such a tough nut to crack anyway. 

Another popular name to consider is Michelle Obama, the former first lady who graduated from Harvard Law School in 1988. Unlike Barack Obama, Michelle got called to the Illinois bar in 1989.

What does this imply? It means Michelle didn’t pass her Illinois bar examination on her first try. She did on her second try. 

If she had passed on her first try, she would have been called to the bar in 1988, the year she graduated from law school. 

Joe Biden went to Syracuse University College Law School and graduated in June 1968. Some sources have cited that he got called to the bar in 1969, which means he passed the bar exam in his second attempt. 

But a revelation from an authoritative source is that Biden got called to bar in 1968 in Wilmington, DE, precisely in December. 

At What Time Of The Year Did Joe Biden Write His Bar Examination

In Delaware, students can only write the bar exams once a year. That means, if a student fails the exam, they would have a chance to rewrite it the following year. 

Delaware bar exams are also written in July, and it’s a two-and-a-half-day exam. 

So, because Joe Biden did write his Delaware bar exam once, it’s obvious he did so in July 1968.     

When Did Joe Biden Graduate From Law School 

Joe Biden did go to law school and graduated. He graduated from Syracuse University College of Law in 1968.

Syracuse University grants the Juris Doctor degree. And they got accredited by the American Bar Association in 1923.

Syracuse has over eleven thousand alumni, spread across 50 states, including 39 countries abroad. Joe Biden is one of those alumni and the 46th President of the United States of America. 

So, Joe Biden attended Syracuse University College of Law, where he earned a Juris Doctor

Did Joe Biden Graduate In The Top Half Of His Class In Law School

Joe Biden claimed he finished in the top half of his class, a report many would easily believe. Why? Joe Biden seems to be an intelligent man and he has shown a glimpse of that. 

But let’s call a spade a spade. Did Joe Biden finish at the top half of his class in law school as claimed? The answer is no. In a class of 85 students, Joe Biden got ranked 76th.

What this means is that he graduated at the bottom half of his class. But has that stopped him from attaining greatness? No, it hasn’t. And what good is a degree if one can’t achieve something great with it?

Well, Joe Biden did go on to achieve bigger things with his degree. He was Senator, Vice President in Barack Obama’s administration, and now the 46th President of the United States of America.  

Did Joe Biden Graduate From College With Three Degrees

During one of his campaigns, Joe Biden did claim that he graduated from college with three degrees. He also stated that he was one of the best students the political science department had.

Though he has admitted the error and claimed he graduated from college with double majors in political science and history, his academic record still faults this claim. 

Joe Biden’s academic records revealed that he graduated from Delaware with a Bachelor of Arts degree. His record didn’t show that he had double majors, as claimed. 

Furthermore, he also had a “C” average and ranked 506th in a class that had 688 students.     

However, letters of recommendation from professors who knew Joe Biden while in school indicated that his academic performance isn’t a true reflection of his intelligence. 

One of his law school professor’s letters indicated that Joe Biden could think super fast logically while on his feet. 

Did Joe Biden Plagiarize In Law School?

Many unexplainable things can happen to a first-year student. Most students make mistakes, which could affect their academic performance throughout college. 

Joe Biden did have a rocky start in law school. But he was quick to realize this and started paying more attention to his studies. 

Now the question is, did Joe Biden plagiarize in law school? Yes, he did so in his first year in law school. 

Biden lifted approximately five pages of an already published law review article for his legal-methods course. But what landed him in trouble was that he used the lifted pages in his 15-page paper without citation or quotation.  

The faculty found Biden guilty, but their punishment was to award him “F” for the legal-methods course. And he was lucky to get the nod to rewrite the course the following year. 

Did Biden pass the legal-method course he rewrote? Yes, he did, and with flying colors. He later scored an 80 in the course.   

Was Joe Biden Scholarship In Law School Truly Based On Academic Excellence?

Biden did claim that he got a full academic scholarship while delivering a campaign speech. And yes, he got a scholarship in law school. His academic records revealed so. 

Unfortunately, Biden’s scholarship wasn’t a full scholarship, as he claimed. And he didn’t get the scholarship based on academic excellence. 

Instead, it was a partial one. Additionally, it was based on financial need and not because of academic performance. 

But who cares. The bottom line is that Joe Biden had a scholarship that reduced his student loan and helped him through school. 


Did Joe Biden pass the bar exam? We have managed to give a thorough answer to this question here. You can see that for yourself. But here’s a summary of that. 

Yes, Joe Biden passed his bar exam and if you consider when Biden got called to the bar, you’ll understand that he passed through his Delaware bar examination on his first try. 

He got called to the bar in 1968, precisely in December. That means he took the Delaware bar exam in July 1968, as students can only attempt the said exam once every year.