Former President Bill Clinton Speaking

As of early Friday, former president Bill Clinton remains at University of California Irvine Medical Center in Orange, California. The former president was admitted into the hospital for a non-COVID-related infection on Tuesday evening, according to a tweet issued by his spokesman, Angel Urena.

The 75-year-old former president was in Southern California for the Clinton Foundation. He was attending a private event where he also gathered with friends. Clinton reportedly was feeling fatigue. Some tests were run at that point, and he was admitted to the hospital’s intensive care unit.

The diagnosis for Clinton was a urinary tract infection. Clinton continues to be closely monitored by medical staff. In a joint statement issued by Clinton’s personal doctor, Dr. Lisa Bardack, and Dr. Alpesh Amin, chairman of the Department of Medicine at the University of California, Clinton was administered IV antibiotics and fluids.

Sources close to Clinton have reportedly stated he’s been diagnosed with a urinary tract infection that spread to a broader infection called sepsis.

The former president is expected to leave the hospital soon thanks to the care provided to him, according to Urena’s tweet. The doctors also added in a statement: “After two days of treatment, his white blood cell count is trending down and he is responding to antibiotics well.”

Clinton remains in good spirit while he stays in the ICU. Doctors did clarify that his stay in the ICU is for privacy and safety reasons, and not for intensive care needs.

Clinton’s wife, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, was not in California when he was admitted to the hospital. Mrs. Clinton flew into California for a foundation event on Thursday. Thereafter the event, she was seen visiting her husband with her aide Huma Abedin just after midnight on Friday. When leaving the hospital, Mrs. Clinton was appearing in good spirits according to Fox News.

The former president’s medical team in California and in New York are working collaboratively in providing Clinton with the proper care. They are also working with his cardiologist. Clinton has had a medical history with heart issues.

In 2004, the former president underwent a quadruple bypass surgery. Then, in 2010, Clinton underwent another heart procedure with two stents to restore blood flow to one of his coronary arteries.

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