Former President Bill Clinton after hospital stay

On Wednesday, President Bill Clinton shared a video with the public after being released from the hospital, having fought off an infection. In the video, the 75-year-old former president of the United States expressed his joy of finally being able to go back home. Clinton used this opportunity to thank the public for their tremendous support and the well wishes he received when he was in the hospital. He also thanked the medical team at the University of California Irvine Medical Center for the excellent care they provided during his admission.

After spending six days in the hospital, this is what Bill had to stay, ”I’m doing great, enjoying this beautiful; fall weather,” he went on to add to state that he was on the road to recovery. In the video, Bill Clinton encourages the masses to take time to listen to their bodies and take themselves. He further added that every person has an important role to play in life, not just today but also in the future. To support his statement, he stated that he would do his best to be around and keep doing the most good a lot longer.

According to one of the aides attached to the former president, Bill Clinton was taken ill after suffering a urological infection that spread to his bloodstream. Bill was kept in the intensive care unit during his stay at the University of California Irvine Medical Center; however, he did not receive ICU care. This press release helped clear some of the rumors that Bill Clinton may have been hospitalized over a Covid-19 related issue. After his release from the hospital, Bill was seen in the company of his wife, Hillary Clinton.

President Joe Biden also commented on the matter on Friday while attending a function at the University of Connecticut. He stated that he had spoken to Bill and the former statesman was in good health.

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