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Elections are and have always been a game decided by numbers. It is not by the candidate that looks more presentable or has more money in the bank.

Electorates have their preferred candidates. Those that favor voting for Republicans know what the party stands for. In other words, they understand the ideology Republicans have.

It is the same thing with electors voting for Democrats. But the major subject that has stunned people of both political divides for years is why more and more individuals from cities are voting Democrats. 

Electorates in cities trooped out in their numbers to vote for President Barack Obama. And we witnessed the same thing happen during the election between Joe Biden and Donald Trump. Tons of people in cities voted for President Joe Biden en masse. 

You may be wondering what Democrats are doing in these cities that Republicans aren’t. What do people in these places fancy about Democrats? Read to figure out. 

Why Do Cities Vote Democrat?

People in urban areas are leaning towards the blue side of the political divide. And the numbers of people in these suburbs are shockingly massive.

Knowing how many people in cities support Democrats will certainly be a concern for Republicans. But the support the party is enjoying in cities today didn’t start today. Democrats have paid their dues and seem to be reaping the benefits. 

Among the diverse reasons why people in urban areas keep on voting Democrats include education and cultural diversity. 

There are good explanations for these reasons. Let’s discuss them quickly.  

Reason#1: Surge in the number of literates in urban areas:

You won’t always hear of graduates returning to rural areas after graduation. The city is where top jobs are. 

So, there are tons of opportunities there. Therefore, it’s only logical that a graduate would move to the urban area after leaving school.

The job opportunities, amenities, and living standards in urban areas explain why 90 percent of graduates prefer starting their lives there. But then, how does education make people choose Democrats?   

The truth of the matter is that education gives people a better opportunity to know and understand diverse topics considered crucial in politics.

Education enables people to understand how these topics affect them and what can be done to make things better. Examples of such issues include climate change, racism, gun laws, security, economics, women’s rights, etc. 

It helps people understand these subjects from varied angles, allowing them to make informed decisions. And education transforms the mind of people in a unique way. 

As tons of people in urban areas become literates, these areas become littered with individuals who understand crucial political matters like those mentioned earlier. 

Additionally, people’s understanding of these subject matters broadens, there’s bound to be more progressive-minded electorates in these places. 

This progressive mindset drives people to seek advancement and change, an ideology democrats favors. Thus, progressive-minded people would always vote democrat. Why? They believe they can achieve their aims if a Democrat is ruling.  

Reason#2: Cultural diversity:

Can cultural diversity cause people to have a progressive mindset? Yes, it can. And there’s an explanation of how this can happen. 

Compared to rural areas, people living in urban areas are more culturally diverse. You would even notice this diversity more in big cities across the United States of America. 

There’s diversity among people in varied areas, such as upbringing, social status, education, race, sexuality, and others. But in rural areas, differences between individuals aren’t that much. 

So, how does cultural diversity make people in urban areas vote democrats? It is simple. 

In cities, cultural diversity is what unites the people. The difference in race, education, social status, upbringing, sexuality, and others, unifies people.  

White people become great friends with blacks, gays befriend straight, while the rich becomes friends to the poor. 

All of these interactions between culturally diverse people help broaden people’s understanding of common issues that are quite crucial. These issues include climate change, women’s rights, racism, gun laws, economics, etc. 

It is common for people to sympathize with others when they understand the challenges they face. The rich may realize the predicament the poor people are facing after interacting with them. 

When the rich learn about the challenges the poor face, they may show sympathy. And the more people who are culturally diverse interact with one another, the more understanding they have of their challenges. 

The wealthy would have a better understanding of the challenges the poor people are facing. People considered straight would understand what gays and people of other sexualities are facing, and so on. 

This sympathy could change the mindset of people. It could cause people of diverse cultures to have one perspective – a desire for advancement and change. The rich would want to see the poor’s status change, and so on. 

So, sympathy is a unifying factor between culturally diverse people. But a desire for change makes people progressive.  

Progressivism is the ideology of Democrats. And as more and more urban dwellers become progressive-minded, it is only possible that the number of people voting Democrats in cities would expand. 

There’s a change in mindset and a desire for things to get better. The poor want their situation to improve, and the rich cannot bear to see their poor friends suffer. It is the same for others. 


Why do cities vote democrats? We explain the two reasons as education and cultural diversity. As more people that are educated move to cities and become knowledgeable in crucial political issues, most of them may likely become progressive.

Cities boast more culturally diverse people. And this diversity unifies people. When people interact and learn about each other’s challenges, they may develop sympathy. 

This sympathy may drive more people to become progressive-minded, an ideology Democrats have.