Joe Manchin says no to build back better

The 2020 election was a highly contentious one. It was also a hotly fought election with both parties vying for the attentions of voters. Democrats came into office in 2020 for varied reasons. One of the most important reasons that many Americans voted for them is because they made promises to spend money on certain sectors of the economy that many Americans consider especially important. However, it has become apparent to many in the party as well as those outside of it that everyone is not on board with the specific choices being made by members of their own party.

Manchin of West Virginia

Joe Manchin is perhaps the most conservative of all the Democrats in office right now. The former governor of West Virginia was elected to serve in the senate. In the years that he’s held office, Manchin has often found himself at odds with the rest of his party. His opposition to many aspects of Biden’s presidential agenda has caused issues with his fellow Dems. Dems control the senate by only one vote. As such, each member of the elected body has a great deal of clout. If a single member does not agree to a specific bill, they can shut it down.

Such is the case with Manchin. The senator has announced lack of support for the latest spending bill the Dems have proposed. The bill is known as the Build Back Better Act. The act has several aims. This includes actions aimed at helping combat global warming as well as well as efforts to help the working class.

Manchin has cites many reasons for his opposition to this bill. In his opinion, there are problems right now with inflation. He also points to issues such as global unrest and problems with the continuing ravages of COVID-19 all over the country. He believes the Democrats are pushing too much too soon.

He said to his constituents, ” What we need to do is get our financial house in order but be able to pay for what we do and do what we pay for.”

Unhappy Members of His Own Party

Manchin’s words have sparked a sharp response from his fellow Dems. Many have taken to tweeting their displeasure over his words and his refusal to back the president on this matter.

Controversial congresswoman Ilhan Omar of Minnesota spoke out about his decision in a recent appearance on MSNBC. She believes that the excuses that he is making for his refusal to support the bill cannot be backed up by rational reasons. In her opinion, he is not doing his best to be there for the people he represents in West Virginia. She believes that he is not acting in a way that supports their needs.

She’s not the only one who feels this way about Manchin’s actions. Former presidential candidate and the only socialist member of the senate Bernie Saunders also expressed dismay over Manchin’s stance. He often works with Democrats on important legislation. In his opinion, he also feels that Manchin is not advancing the best interests of the nation as a whole. He would like to see this legislation brought to the floor. That would allow it to be voted on directly by members of the party.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t appear shocked after Machin made the announcement, stating that her and other Democratic members expected this all along. She is calling for President Biden and other party leaders to step up and fix it.

Mondaire Jones is a representative from New York. Like many in the party, Jones feels frustration with Manchin’s statements. He points that out that Manchin did not support Biden’s mandate on vaccines at work. He also tweeted that inflation has hurt working class families and Manchin is not supporting them.

Other tweets by varied Dem officials have been equally harsh. Jamaal Bowman of New York asked Manchin to stop by his district.

Meanwhile, many Republicans are more than pleased Manchin is taking a stand they like. Dan Crenshaw represents Texas in the house. He tweeted, “America has dodged a serious bullet. BBB is dead. Merry Christmas!”