GOP Trump Rally

Republicans are looking for a red wave when it’s time to vote for governors across the country in 2022 after Virginia turned the tide from blue and after seeing the massive turnout in New Jersey that almost turned that state from blue to red. They want to try to make moves across the states in the Midwest so that the Democrats don’t have as much control in that area while also looking to see how close races are in states that have been known to be mostly blue and haven’t turned in several elections.

The low approval rating of President Biden is one thing that Republicans could have in their favor. Midterm elections sometimes bring a decrease in the number of voters for the president’s party, but with the lower ratings already, Republicans hope that it will be enough to result in big changes. Two governors in blue states are set for departure because they are unable to be re-elected. Even though President Trump isn’t in office, he could be a factor in some of the states where incumbent governors are trying to keep their position in office as Trump is trying to rally for Republican governors.

Governor-elect Glenn Youngkin got the ball rolling when he won in Virginia. This upset came as a big surprise to voters in the state and to most of the country as President Biden easily took Virginia when he was elected in 2020. Miles Coleman, an editor for the Center for Politics in Virginia, has studied the outcome of the presidential election as well we the race for governor and has put together notes about what voters are looking for and some of the things that have changed the minds of voters for the state to vote for a different party.

youngkin wins Virginia governors race
Glenn Youngkin (R) wins Virginia Governors race, defeating Democratic challenger Terry McAuliffe (D).

Other states where President Biden won include Michigan, Wisconsin, and Nevada. Even though he won the states, the races were closer than they were in Virginia. This factor also gives Republicans hope for the midterm elections as they are counting on voters to pull together and make the races even tighter or flip the state from blue to red. There are some Democrat-led states that likely won’t see an upset, but Coleman and other analysts have reviewed data that indicates that there could be a significant change in some states that have been on the fence in recent years.

Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania are states that have historically voted Democrat, but with the recent issues that the party has had in those states, the races could be a true tossup depending on just how many Republicans get out and vote. Georgia and Maryland are two states that believe that they have enough votes to flip from blue to red, which would give Republicans in Washington the confidence and determination that they need to fight harder during the election for president in 2024. Key issues that voters are looking at include vaccine mandates, border patrol, and jobs. If Donald Trump starts campaigning in blue states and is a bigger voice in red states, then it could be the boost Republicans need.