illegal migrants at the border wall

Vice President Kamala Harris is the border czar, appointed by President Biden to oversee the border crisis in Texas. During multiple interviews, Harris has used the term “root causes” as an approach to the thousands of migrants coming across the border in the past year.

Yet, this root causes approach is not having a positive effect on the migrants coming across the border in droves.

On Monday, President Biden said that his administration is taking an approach to the border crisis by attempting to “figure out why” migrants leave their homes across Central America and even Haiti to come to the United States.

This comment took place during a meeting between Joe Biden and the National Governors Association. Kamala Harris was also present at the event. Biden told the NGA, “We’re working a lot with neighboring countries. A lot to do.”

Biden appeared to make light of the situation. He gave the example of a migrant from Guadalajara deciding to sell all property, “give it to a coyote, take us across the border, leave us in the desert in a country that doesn’t want us.” Speaking as if he were a migrant, he added, “We don’t speak the language. Won’t that be fun?”

Biden reiterated that “we (have to) figure out why they’re leaving in the first place,” speaking of migrants.

This comment came after Arkansas governor Asa Hutchinson (R), who is also the chairman of the National Governor’s Association, asked the president what is being done to mitigate the broken Southern United States border.

Hutchinson mentioned that he had worked during a presidential administration previously, so he understood just how difficult the border situation and its security could be.

“Some of the governors have actually sent our National Guard resources, you know, to the border to assist at state expense. So we’d welcome your comments as to how you’re meeting this challenge and the plans for the future in that regard,” said Hutchinson.

Harris remained silent during this line of questioning and discussion regarding the border.

In July, the Biden Administration introduced its “Root Causes” strategy in an effort to decrease the level of migration from Central American countries El Salvador, Honduras, and Guatemala. The strategy features “five pillars:”

  • combatting corruption in government
  • strengthening democratic governance as well as the rule of law
  • economic insecurity and inequality
  • countering gang activity that might involve violence, extortion, and trafficking
  • combating violence in the form of sexual and domestic violence

Although it’s not listed, Vice President Kamala Harris as well as other Biden officials have mentioned that climate change is a part of the “root causes” of migration to the United States. Typically, this is seen as the reason that these Central American countries (as well as Haiti) have citizens leaving their homeland to come to the US.

From November to December, the number of migrant encounters increased yet again. This data was provided to a federal court by the Biden Administration. Experts say that the crisis at the border is unlikely to abate in 2022.

The Customs and Border Patrol provided information in a filing from January 14 show that December migrant encounters numbered 178,840 in December 2021. For the month of November, there were 173,620 migrant encounters, and October showed a total of 164,753. In November 2020, during the Trump Administration, migrant encounters totaled 72,113. In December 2020, the number of migrant encounters was 73,994.

Just last week, a video from the body cam of a White Plains, NY police officer showed that the late night flights of migrants were intended to be “hush hush,” according to the federal contractor who was questioned by the police officer.

On Friday, another leaked video showed a verbal altercation between Border Patrol officials during which Department of Homeland Security head Alejandro Mayorkas was present. One of the border patrol agents told the chief officer, ” . . .you keep releasing criminal aliens into the country.”

The Biden Administration faces growing pressure to do something to stop the bleeding at the border.