BLM mansion

Earlier in 2022, Amazon dropped Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation from its list of approved charities to which customers could donate. This came after multiple states, including Washington and California, requested financial records from the organization, currently classified as a 501(c)(3).

Now, California Congressman Darrell Issa says that the reported purchase of a $6 million home in California by organizational leaders, including the founder Patrisse Collors, with monies meant for a charitable organization is enough to garner an investigation by the Department of Justice.

Since early 2022, the charitable arm of the Black Lives Matter movement, has come under great scrutiny regarding its handling of millions of dollars given to the organization. Critics say the money was donated in order to help communities and underprivileged individuals, but not only are there allegations the money was misspent, but that it has not gone to help the black community in any way.

This week, New York magazine published a story alleging that a $6 million mansion was purchased using donated money. The leaders involved called the mansion “Campus.” Furthermore, the purchase was not disclosed to the public. YouTube videos show co-founder Patrisse Collors along with two other women drinking champagne at the mansion, and during the video, Collors allegedly mentioned being in “survival mode” at the “Campus.”

Reports are also holding that when the organization was contacted about the purchase, BLM allegedly sent a memo around to officials about attempting to “kill” the story.

Representative Issa appeared on Fox News this week discussing the story and the allegations: “It’s time for the Department of Justice to open an investigation. The disturbing information that we are learning is more than enough to warrant an investigation from the DOJ. This definitely has the suggestion of misappropriation of charitable funds and an abuse of our nonprofit laws.”

Fox News Digital was the first to release Representative Issa’s comments on the situation.

The purchase of the $6 property isn’t the only questionable financial issue critics have with BLM’s Global Network Foundation. In 2021, the BLM’s GNF transferred money to a Canadian non-profit entity run by the wife of Collors. Collors is also said to have purchased a “portfolio” of real estate investments in California.

Collors resigned from Black Lives Matter Global Network Foundation in 2021.

On Tuesday, Collors posted a statement on Instagram regarding the NYMag story: “Yesterday’s article is a despicable abuse of a platform that’s intended to provide truthful information to the public. Journalism is supposed to mitigate harm and inform our communities.”

Collors went on to add that the reporter who broke the story has “a proven and very public bias against me and other Black leaders.” However, the reporter in question, Sean Campbell, spoke to NPR on the matter. Campbell is a black man. Campbell said he wants to ensure that the idea behind the movement isn’t lost in the midst of the questions regarding the financial practices of the BLMGNF.

When Collors resigned in May 2021, she did so amidst great scrutiny of the financial dealings of the group. Critics cited the opulent lifestyle that Collors had adopted, including the real estate investments she had made prior to her resignation.

BLMGNF justified the purchase of the $6 million home by saying it is a place where “Black creatives could come and create their art and influence things for the movement.” In addition, the home is intended to be a safe space should leaders receive threats of violence.

Black Lives Matter and BLMGNF are two separate entities; the two have separate leadership, according to Campbell.