family having fun

Summer is a time for lots of outdoor fun and activities with your kids. Pool days, beach days and picnics are likely on the docket for you and your family, and surely it’s coming time to start stocking up on summer supplies to both help you have fun and recover! Long days out in the sun can be exhausting, so you’ll want to make sure you’re taking care of your body in the best way possible and getting the rest you need to wake up refreshed and ready to face the day’s adventures. And your kids need this too! Even the most beautiful summer day can go south with too little sleep and not enough nutrients in the body. Plus, you want to make sure that you have enough activities on hand to keep everyone entertained and happy while they have time off from school. Summer is a time to treat yourself and your kids while taking care of your bodies to make sure the summer fun doesn’t wear everyone down. Keep reading for some tips on how to treat yourself and your kids this summer! 

Essential Vitamins 

When it comes to fun summer activities, kids often get so excited that it’s all they can think about. This can cause a little bit of friction when it comes to taking the necessary steps to eat properly, put on the appropriate clothing for outdoor activities, wear sunscreen and take vitamins. That’s why kids vitamins are a great thing to have on hand at all times, but especially during the summer months when fun becomes the main event on the calendar. Having fun is hard work, but it doesn’t mean you can’t have an easy, chewable solution to make sure your children are getting all the vitamins and nutrients they need to enjoy their day to the fullest. Kids vitamins often come in fun containers and attractive flavors, so you can be sure you won’t get too many complaints from them. Pick up some kids vitamins today! 

Outdoor Essentials 

It’s important for all parties to be prepared for outdoor adventures with the family. With a new summer season in full swing, it might be time for your family to overhaul last season’s swimwear and stock up on some new items. When it comes to bathing suits for women, there are tons of cute options available this season. Whether you’re looking for a bikini or a stylish one piece, you’re sure to find something with the options available online today. Increasingly, there are more options for women to buy bathing suits made for women by women, so no more sifting through confusing sizes and designs in department stores. Finally there are tasteful, comfortable and stylish suits available for all women made by people who understand women’s bodies. Check out some woman owned bathing suit companies today! 

Sleep Aids 

When you have a really fun activity planned for you and your kids, you may find that they have trouble getting to or falling asleep the night before. It’s understandable, everything is new and exciting for them! But we still have to find a way to get them a good night’s rest so they can really enjoy themselves the next day. That’s when natural sleep remedies are going to come in handy. There are all kinds of natural oils and scents that promote better sleep, and some companies have even made kid safe patches to help promote sound sleep throughout the night. Natural sleep remedies are the key to making sure your kids get a restful sleep the night before a big event, trip or activity. 

Pool Toys 

Of course, summer is going to lead to a lot of afternoons by the pool or lake taking in the hot sun and cooling off in the water. And what makes the pool even better than it already is? The answer, of course, is pool floats! Front Gate Pool Floats have a great collection of large to small floats that will elevate any pool or lake experience. The best thing about a large pool float is that it doubles as a recliner when you take it back to your picnic spot! Whether you’re looking for big recliners or just a few individual floats, you’re sure to find something fun that the whole family can enjoy. Make sure you get a few though, you don’t want to be arguing for who gets the best float at the beach! 

Vegan Snacks 

When you’re out and about in the sun, it’s important to stay hydrated and it’s also important to replenish your electrolytes with some salty snacks. Louisville Vegan Jerky is a great solution for vegan families looking for a high protein and salt snack that they can carry with them on a day outdoors to tide their kids over before the next meal. Their products come in a few different flavors so you can get everyone’s favorite style of jerky to take with you on your next big day out in the sun. Stay healthy and stay safe with jerky or whatever your preferred outdoor snack is! 

Yard Games 

For those that have yards to utilize this summer, then it’s a great idea to treat you and your kids to some yard games! Games like croquet, badminton and even yard sized chess are great ways for the whole family to have fun right in your backyard this summer. This might seem like an old school thing with all the access we have to technology, but there’s nothing better than getting outside and playing an active game with your kids and family. Look into some yard games this summer, you won’t regret it! 


No matter what your summer plans are, take the time to treat yourself and your kids this summer. The warmer months are the time to play, so take advantage of it and make sure you have some solutions for getting your kids to sleep and making sure they get all the nutrients and rest they need for the exciting days ahead. Good luck and enjoy this wonderful season!