Best Ways To Protect Your Home Appliances From Preventable Damages 

Home appliances are getting extremely expensive, with over a 30 percent price increase currently compared to 2021. The price hikes have been attributed to supply chain disruptions, high transport costs, high inflation, etc., caused by the Covid-19 outbreak. Consequently, you will need much more money to replace a damaged home appliance or system. 

It is, therefore, important to safeguard your purse by adopting preventive measures to protect your home appliances from preventable breakdowns/damages. This is critical even if your appliances are covered by a home warranty. According to Cinch Home Services, the top ranking home warranty in Michigan, “You only qualify for a home warranty claim in Michigan, when you ensure all safety measures including frequent maintenance”. Now, let’s look at some of the best ways to protect your home appliances from avoidable breakdowns.

Read And Follow The Manufacturer’s Manual 

The first step to protecting your home appliances and systems is to read and follow the instructions in the manufacturer’s manual. Manufacturing companies, through their product manual, advise on the best way customers should install and use an appliance. It also gives information on precautions and maintenance guides. By reading the manual, you will be well informed about how the assemble and operate the appliance.

Proper Installation 

Proper installation is key to ensuring the health and longevity of your home appliances. Some appliances, including kitchen appliances, are very easy to install and use. All you need is to put the parts together with the right tools and fasteners to prevent any malfunctioning. For complex appliances, such as air conditioners, hire a professional technician for the installation. When researching outdoor kitchen appliances to protect your home appliances from preventable damages, it’s important to thoroughly evaluate your options and make informed choices.

Use A Power Surge Protector

A little rise in electric voltage can damage your expensive appliances. You can prevent this with a power surge protector. As the name suggests, a power surge protector shields your electronic equipment from power surges during usage. It diverts the extra voltage, ensuring that your home appliances receive only the needed power.

Note: It is advisable to unplug all your electronic appliances when not in use or during lightning storms.

Ensure Regular Cleaning 

Regular cleaning (wet or dry) is a must if you want to enjoy your home appliances and make them last longer. Clean them from all accumulated dust and dirt that can affect their performance. Pay critical attention to the air vents and filters of combustion appliances by removing any blocks around those areas. Blocks in the air vents prevent proper air circulation, leading to unwanted heat accumulation and can break down your appliance. 

Proper Maintenances 

Appliances like air conditioners, washing machines, dishwashers, etc., need scheduled maintenance to work efficiently and prevent avoidable breakdowns. For example, clean and replace the filters of your air conditioner or HVAC system, as recommended by the manufacturer. Lubricate moving parts for smooth movement and inspect connections and hoses to ensure they are intact. Some of the maintenance works will require professional servicing. 

Don’t Overload Electric Circuits 

Never exceed the recommended/rated load of an electric circuit. Doing this causes the circuit breaker to crash, leading to a power cut, which can damage your appliances. Also, overloading a circuit without a breaker is extremely dangerous, as the wiring can overheat, causing its insulation to melt and catch fire. This can also cause damage to your appliances. Therefore, never plug many high-power appliances into one outlet.

Proper Use

Many people are fond of using certain types of home appliances for purposes they aren’t intended for. For example, using the blender for mixing non-food substances, like paint and dyes. Others also use it to crush ice etc., which can affect its lifespan. Also, don’t overload the washing machine, dishwasher, or refrigerator. This reduces its performance, and constant abuse will cause a total breakdown.

Adequate Ventilation

Appliances like HVAC systems, ovens, dryers, and refrigerators require proper ventilation to work efficiently. So, ensure proper airflow around such equipment to prevent overheating, which can cause a breakdown. 

Maintain Optimal Power Supply

Your home electrical system plays a critical role in ensuring the good health and optimal performance of your home appliances. Therefore, ensure your electrical system is in good condition without faults. Having faulty wiring or an inadequate power supply can damage your appliances. In case you notice any disruptions in the power supply at home, consult a professional electrician to check and fix the problem. Turning a blind eye to this can be costly to you as it can damage your home’s electrical equipment. 

Get A Home Warranty 

Home appliances and systems are machines that can develop faults or break down at any time, even after ensuring all the best protection measures. As such, you need a home warranty to protect all your priced home equipment. Different companies offer different policies, including premium policies that increase the number of appliances and coverage you can have. Cinch Home Services offer one of the best home warranty policies that suit your needs and budget.


You should always be on top of your game when it comes to protecting your home appliances from preventable breakdowns. You should always go by what the manufacturer prescribes in terms of installation and use. By using a power surge protection device, you can protect it from damages caused by the sudden rise in voltage. 

In addition, ensure proper maintenance like cleaning and following other measures prescribed by the manufacturer. Lastly, don’t forget to protect all your high-value appliances with a home warranty. This saves you from unplanned spending caused by sudden breakdowns.