NYC Police standing guard in New York

New York City has seen a rash of violent crimes in the last two years, with the homicide rate reaching numbers not seen since the 1990s. Local politicians claim that the significant rise in crime is simply blow-back from the pandemic. However, there are those that argue the crime surge is due to crime reform policies brought about by progressive city officials.

In early November, New Yorkers elected former law enforcement officer Eric Adams as the new mayor. Although Adams is a Democrat, he has promised his constituents to restore law and order in the Big Apple. Shortly after his election, however, BLM leader Hawk Newsome has promised that “riots, fire, and bloodshed” will “rain down” on New York if mayor-elect Eric Adams brings back the plainclothes officers dubbed the “anti-crime unit.”

The unit was disbanded at the height of looting and riots during summer 2020.

Adams has promised to introduce a revamped version of this group of undercover police officers; however, Newsome has spoken on the matter as recently as November 10, and he promises that “if (NYC) goes back to the old way of policing,” (BLM) will go “back to the streets again.”

On Thursday night, however, Adams spoke sternly to those who would participate in such activities. “Not in my city; we’re not going to surrender to those who are saying ‘we’re going to burn down New York.'” Adams was addressing those attending a Police Athletic League event.

It’s important to note that many of the anti-crime policies Adams plans on reviving were dismissed during the DeBlasio years. Bill DeBlasio has served two terms as mayor of New York.

Newsome has appeared on Fox News in the past with a similar message. In June, prior to Adams’ election, Newsome warned that BLM would protest any return to the crime policies of the past. On November 13, just three days after he threatened riots and bloodshed, Newsome appeared on Dan Bongino’s “Unfiltered.” He told Bongino that (Newsome) understood why people lash out.

Newsome has also said that his comments were not a direct threat to Adams and his administration, but that he (Newsome) believes those things will happen in the event of tough on crime policies are enacted.

In the past, Adams has spoken with members of Black Lives Matter; together, Adams and the group agreed to work on issues such as poverty in minority communities. However, relations between the two appear contentious, and Adams does not appear poised to back down from his position.

The New York Post reported that Adams’ comments at the PAL event appear to be directed at those who caused property damage in Queens, NY in the wake of the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. Adams said, “We’re not going to have a city where anarchists come from outside out city and go into a community such as Queens and destroy the community for their own selfish needs and desires.”

Hawk Newsome appeared recently on “The Story” with Martha McCallum. He accused Adams of using (Newsome’s) name in order to garner media attention. Newsome also said that Adams “has no plan” and that DeBlasio had the same ideas as Adams. However, when McCallum pressed him on Adams’ platform, Newsome dismissed the idea. McCallum asked Newsome what could be so bad about Adams’ platform, a question to which he demurred and reiterated his statement that Adams’ plan had no new ideas.

Adams has said since his election that the people of NYC elected him on bringing back anti-crime policies. Adam has no small task on his hands – NYC has already surpassed 2020’s homicide rate with three more weeks to go in the year. Adams is slated to take office on January 1,2022.