Burgess Owens

Earlier this week, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell spoke before a Kentucky Chamber of Commerce group. In his remarks, he said that he believed Republicans might take the majority in the House, but the Senate was a toss up. McConnell mentioned “candidate quality” as one reason for his statements. Mitch McConnell is respected across America for his political knowledge, so his comments are not to be taken lightly.

Tucker Carlson then centered his monologue on that same topic. He said the Republican Party needs to change its message, and he inferred that the Republican leadership needed to get behind the Senate candidates that will make a difference. Otherwise, America will have two more years of stalled legislation with continued rampant crime and a border crisis that has brought 2 million migrants to the country.
One Republican is doing something about it.

Representative Burgess Owens (UT) has launched a leadership political action committee with the aim of helping minority Republican candidates to win their Congressional races this November. The PAC is called “Just Win Baby,” and so far, the PAC has raised at least $180,000 for the upcoming elections. Of that amount, Just Win Baby has contributed about $27,000 to both Republican incumbents and new candidates alike.

Owens spoke with Newsmax on Friday: “I’m excited to travel and help these new, exciting candidates all I can. There is an energy now in the Republican Party because 2022 has been a wake-up year.” Owens also mentioned the diversity the Republican Party is seeing as of late. More and more African Americans and Hispanic voters are voting Republican, with many changing their party affiliation officially.

Owens named the PAC with a former NFL owner in mind. Al Davis was the owner of the Oakland Raiders when Owens was on the team, and Davis would tell the players “Just Win, baby!” The PAC contributes funding to Republican Congressional candidates, including Rod Dorilas, who is running to win Florida’s 22nd Congressional District.

Owens himself has traveled to endorse Dorilas. Speaking at a campaign event for Dorilas, Owens said: “America needs a leader who is willing to fight to preserve the American Dream. . .I know Rod brings the passion, leadership, and the fight to ensure our conservative values are represented in Washington.” Owens also spoke to how Dorilas is a vision of the American Dream; Dorilas is a first-generation American as well as a veteran.

Dorilas is running against Lois Frankel, an incumbent who first served in Florida’s 21st District, but has served in the 22nd District since 2017.

Owens himself is a newcomer to Congress; he was elected to represent Utah in 2020. Owens was endorsed by President Donald Trump, and Owens has made some comparisons between Trump and his former boss Al Davis. In fact, when Owens was running for Congress in 2020, Sports Illustrated asked Owens if Donald Trump reminded him of anyone he had played with. Owens replied, “Al Davis; he’d be Al Davis. Just win baby. He’s no question Al Davis.”

Owens’ admiration for his former boss remains today. “Just win, baby!” was Owens’ campaign slogan. Owens famously said, if the Democrats won the House in 2020, America would hear “Just whine, baby.”

Owens represents the 4th Congressional District of Utah.
The Just Win Baby PAC has contributed to at least 27 different candidates this election cycle, including Representative Claudia Tenny (R-NY) and Representative Mayra Flores (R-TX). Flores won a special election earlier this year to replace a Congressman from a traditionally Democratic district.

During his time in Congress, Owens has served on the House Judiciary Committee, the House, Education and Labor Committee, and he is a strong conservative voice in Washington. Burgess Owens was a member of the Los Angeles Raiders team that won the Super Bowl in 1980.

Owens sponsorship of the Just Win Baby PAC comes at a crucial time as the primaries are winding down in August and midterms are November 8.