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Five states across the nation look to host key primary races on June 14, 2022. So far, the primary season has seen some notable victories and large voter turnout in multiple areas. One of the highlights of this primary season has to do with the endorsements provided by President Donald Trump, who has held multiple rallies or otherwise endorsed candidates he felt pursued the America First tradition he began during his time as the 45th president. Most of Trump’s endorsed candidates have fared well, with less than ten of his candidates losing their primary race.

Some of Trump’s endorsed candidates as well-known. Dr. Mehmet Oz, who was a part of an advisory board for the president, was finally able to declare a victory in a razor-thin race with Dave McCormick, who finally conceded the primary.

One of the races on June 14 features a candidate who was once endorsed by Trump, but whom has since then lost the president’s support, Representative Nancy Mace.

Mace’s campaign isn’t the only one to watch in South Carolina. One of Trump’s greatest supporters was governor Henry McMaster, and he’s running for governor once again, this time against challenger Harrison Musselwhite. Trump has come out publicly for McMaster.

It’s a toss-up who will be McMaster’s competition should he cruise through the primaries. The Democratic primary ticket is rather crowded with a former United States Congressman and a South Carolina state senator both on the ticket.

Senator Tim Scott, Republican, is the lone name on the his party’s Senator primary list, but there is a gaggle of Democratic challengers on the primary ticket ready to face him in the fall.

Representative Nancy Mace has lost Trump’s backing, and the 45th president threw his support behind a former state representative, Katie Arrington. Arrington has promised, if elected, she will help to bring about impeachment proceedings for President Joe Biden.

Trump is also endorsing state Representative Russell Fry, who is running against U.S. Representative Tom Rice. Rice was one of ten Congresspeople to vote to impeach Trump in 2021.

Primaries are also being held in Maine, Nevada, and North Dakota.

In Maine, former Governor Paul LePage is running unopposed to win his former position back. In the past, LePage vowed to leave Maine for Florida. The race is even more ironic because the incumbent governor was expected to have lots of challengers, but she isn’t running.

In Nevada, Democratic incumbent Steve Sisolak is facing a primary challenge; the Republican primary ticket is full as well. Notables on the ticket include Joe Lombardo, a sheriff for Clark County, and Joey Gilbert, an attorney in Reno.

Nevadans are also watching the U.S. Senate race. Incumbent Catherine Cortez Masto is considered to be quite vulnerable in her seat, and the leading challenger on the GOP ticket for Masto’s seat is Adam Laxalt, who is also favored by President Trump.

However, Laxalt himself has a challenger in a retired Army captain, Sam Brown.

There are also a number of of Nevada state races that are garnering attention, including Trump-endorsed state Assemblyman Jim Marchant. Marchant has made many personal comments about election integrity in his home state.

In North Dakota, Senator John Hoeven is looking to win a third term, but on June 14, Hoeven faces Riley Kuntz, an oilfield worker who is considered even more conservative than his opponent.

Over the weekend, former Alaskan governor, Sarah Palin drew an early lead in a special primary for a seat in the United States House of Representatives. Palin has been endorsed by Donald Trump, and she will advance – along with three others – to an August primary. The winner of the August primary will complete the term of Rep. Don Young.

Last week’s primary in California saw San Francisco’s District Attorney, Chesa Boudin, recalled by his constituents. It is uncertain when his replacement will be announced. Many political pundits believe Boudin’s counterpart in Los Angeles, George Gascon, will be the next recalled politician in the Golden State.