There’s a reason Las Vegas is called the world’s betting capital. You can bet on anything in this part of America. You would also be surprised to learn that Las Vega’s gambling industry is booming despite the rise in inflation, fuel prices, and consumer products. 

In 2019, Las Vega’s total revenue was $1.3 billion. Now guess what; gaming’s contribution to this revenue was $664 million. But how true is it that one can bet on anything in Las Vegas? Would betting regulators permit bettors to bet on the U.S. Presidential election? 

Let’s respond to this question to clear the air so bettors can make informed decisions.

Can you bet on the presidential election in Vegas? 

No, you cannot bet on the presidential election in Vegas or anywhere in Nevada. 

In the United States of America, states have the power to regulate all betting-related issues. Thus, any state in the U.S. can decide to permit licensed sportsbooks to bet on the presidential election, including other political activities in the country. 

With that in mind, if you look at how sensitive the U.S. elections are, it seems highly unlikely that betting regulators in any state would legalize betting on presidential elections. Why? It would question the integrity of the United States presidential election. 

So, why are there election odds on most websites? Those election odds you come across are not for betting purposes, but for entertainment. 

No licensed sportsbook in the United States would risk accepting bets in presidential elections when the state hasn’t legalized it.    

A Handy Tip: Sportsbook operators in Vegas can offer wagers not included in the statutes, but they have to seek permission from the Nevada control board. 

However, it’s very unlikely that the board would grant sportsbook operators’ requests to offer wagers on an election in the United States.  

Continue reading as we share information on presidential election betting in Las Vegas. 

Can You Bet On The Presidential Election in Las Vegas Online?

In Las Vegas, you won’t find a sportsbook operator that allows wagering on the election outcome. The risk is much bigger than the profit. So, no sportsbook operator would dare to permit election betting. 

However, online and even in the United Kingdom, the situation is different. You can find a plethora of betting options online and in the U.K. 

Betfair, a gambling company in the U.K., reported that a bettor placed $1.29 million in bet on Joe Biden to become the United States president. And we all know how the election result turned out. 

It is quite surprising that the United States of America hasn’t legalized betting on elections. Most parts of the world support it. Many offshore operators have reported that the United States presidential election is their popular bet. So, there’s a lot of money to be made from election betting. 

However, since Las Vegas doesn’t permit betting on the presidential election, you can gamble online from Las Vegas. Just make sure you use a reputable offshore operator. Remember that most of them do not pay winnings. 

Offshore betting operators offer dozens of markets. So choose carefully. You’ll find markets like party winner, next president winner, the length of term they’ll remain in office, etc. 

How To Bet On The U.S. Presidential Election In Las Vegas   

As we mentioned earlier, it is impossible to find a sportsbook in Vegas that allows betting on presidential elections. It is illegal in Nevada and the rest of the country. 

An easy way to bet on the presidential election is online. But how can you gamble online from Las Vegas? Let’s discuss this in detail. 

Step#1: Search for reputable online casino outside the United States:

Finding a casino online outside the United States of America might seem like a walk in the park. But the truth is, it is not. 

You need to conduct thorough background checks and read as much review as possible. Why are background checks and reviews necessary? 

Remember, you’re dealing with an offshore betting website, and anything can happen. They might refuse to pay your winnings, and there’s little or nothing you can do. 

Now, to ensure you don’t lose your hard-earned money and waste precious time, conduct thorough background checks to ensure the offshore betting platform you’re dealing with is legit. 

Another thing you need to consider is if the casino is licensed. If it has a license, and you’re able to confirm that the license is authentic, chances are they’re legit.

It would help to read reviews to know what people are saying about the online casino. Don’t just conclude that they’re reputable because of their professional-looking website. Even fraudulent betting websites have such great websites.

You can also check the odds the website is offering and compare it to what others are offering. If it appears too good to be true, then you should have a rethink before taking the bold step to make a financial commitment. 

Step#2: Choose your location:

You have to visit a Las Vegas casino hotel and connect to your offshore online or mobile casino of choice via their internet. 

The casino you connect to should offer varied wagering options on the United States election. It should also be opened to gamers residing in the United States of America. 

Step#3: Fund your account:

You cannot bet with an empty account. You have to fund your account to start betting. 

Furthermore, keep in mind that you cannot use PayPal or any U.S. bank to fund an offshore betting account. Your only shot is Western Union Money Transfer. 

You can also try other means to fund your offshore betting account. 

Step#4: Start betting:

Now that you have succeeded in funding your account, you can start betting. But study the market before placing a bet. And remember to stake an amount you’re comfortable losing. 

Do not stake money meant for your school fees, house rent, or other important things in a bet. You could become depressed if you don’t win. So, avoid messing with your mental health or putting yourself in a tight corner in the area of finance. 


Can you bet on a presidential election in Las Vegas? No, you can’t. That’s the straightforward answer to this question. The election odds you find on most sportsbook websites are for entertainment purposes.

So, do not let anyone defraud you. You cannot stake a bet on a presidential election or election into any public office in the United States of America. 

However, the only way to bet on the U.S. presidential election is online. Find a reputable online casino, register, fund your account and start staking your bets.