The calendar may show there is still time before the official holiday season. However, that does not mean it is too early to fulfill Christmas wishes. Now is actually a good time to look at what made the hottest toys list for the 2023 holiday season.

From Barbie fever to building toys that spark creativity, these 20 trendy toys are packed with hours of fun.

1. Barbie The Movie Doll

Join the Pink-tastic World of Barbie!

This poseable Barbie is inspired by the movie version of Mattel’s classic doll. Dressed like the on-screen character, this Barbie wears the signature pink gingham dress, pastel pumps, and a daisy chain necklace. Little girls and nostalgic adults will have the best day ever adding this Barbie to their collection. For ages 6 and older.

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2. Barbie Dreamhouse 2023

Dream features and storytelling pieces!

Children 3 years old and up will enjoy hours of playtime with this updated house for Barbie and her friends. There is a wheel-chair accessible working elevator, fabulous closet space, a swing, and plenty of fun furniture. The kitchen and bathroom have integrated lights and sounds. Barbie and her friends can have tons of fun with a spectacular slide that spirals into the pool!

There’s even room for furry friends to have a blast with their own pool and slide. Also included along with a puppy figure for furry fun are a pet elevator, bed, pet house, and doggie door.

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3. Bitzee Interactive Toy Digital Pet And Case

Touch and feel digital pets!

Boys and girls 5 years old get 15 interactive animals with this toy on the hot list! Your little one will enjoy reactions from each pet they choose to shake, tilt, swipe, and touch in a 3D world. Still, virtual pets need love and care from being a baby to a full-grown adult pet.

More play time means unlocking more electronic collectible pets such as a bunny, cat, and unicorn. Bitzee pets come with a quick start guide, instructions, and 3 AA batteries.

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4. Air Hogs, Zero Gravity Sprint RC Car Wall Climber

Indoor remote control fun!

Your little one has permission to drive up a wall with this USB-C rechargeable indoor racer. Not the usual remote control car, kids ages 4 and up can send this race car zooming across floors and as high as the ceiling!

This easy-to-control indoor lightweight wall climber comes in red. It has multi-direction controls to make quick spins, turns, and awesome moves. Your son or daughter enjoys 8 or more minutes of fun before recharging to begin again.

Includes: 1 Controller along with 1 Zero Gravity Racer, and Instruction manual

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5. Dog-E Interactive Robot Dog with Colorful LED Lights

Lights, Sound, Reactions!

This one-in-a-million interactive all-white robot dog comes to life with 200+ sounds and reactions. Dog-E has 6 LED colorful lights, speakers, touch sensors, and one lithium-ion battery for recharging. The removable collar is another feature that adds to the sounds and personality traits of a man’s, and kid’s, best friend. There is also an Android or iOS-supported app so kids can connect to more ways to play!

For ages 6 and up, your child gets to take care of their dog since it is interactive and waiting for love. Whether it wants to play, eat, or get a hug, the tail tells your child what it needs by using lights for messages, emotes, and icons.

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6. Spidey and His Amazing Friends

Webspinners can play, too!

This playset with an action figure won the Toy Insider award for the 2023 holiday season. This is no surprise since it is crafted for children as young as 3 years old can imagine 360 degrees of action where Spiderman and his friends win. They have a variety of play areas to challenge their imagination.

The 4-inch Spidey figure comes with a 27-inch headquarters with an updated design that mirrors season three of Spidey’s show with his amazing friends. There is a command center, garage, and spinning transformation center.

Along with the action figure, kids get a vehicle and detachable accessories. Fifty phrases and sounds from the TV show add to adventurous play!

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7. Mega Slime Kit & Putty Lab

National Geographic Toy and Science Kit

Who or what said learning isn’t fun?! Certainly not this Amazon-exclusive National Geographic sensory putty toy! Boys and girls ages 8 years and up get eight fascinating varieties of non-toxic bouncing putty, color-changing putty, fluffy slime, glow-in-the-dark putty, liquid slime, and snotty slime. This STEM kit comes with a DIY glow-in-the-dark slime lab.

Your little scientist will have eight storage tins and accessories to safely store and organize their collections. Also included is a learning guide for imaginative minds to explore the science behind putty and slime. Kids will enjoy learning fascinating facts about the gooey, ooey world of these substances. Hours of fun can help to inspire a love of science and learning!

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8. Chase’s Mighty Transforming Cruiser

From Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie

Chase is on the case with his Mighty Transforming Cruiser that comes with synchronized sounds and lights for boys and girls ages 3 and up! Dressed in his PAW Patrol gear, this toy figure can be clipped into his seat to activate a vehicle transformation ready for exciting rescues.

With authentic detailing and styling from the movie, your little one can also transform into the world of Adventure Bay. Expand their collection with other action figures from the PAW Patrol team. Hours of fun become a learning experience through pretend play.

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9. LEGO Friends Olivia’s Space Academy Shuttle Rocket

NASA Space Shuttle Encourages Pretend Play

Both Olivia and your son or daughter’s dreams of being an astronaut can come true with this toy. Featured parts of this space academy include an academy building, a LEGO space shuttle, and a multi-axis trainer. Mission control is also included and features a telescope for exploring our great universe.

As an educational astronaut toy, kids can learn about the space program with scientifically accurate elements. Flight simulations, astronaut training, and spacewalks are among the out-of-this-world experiences. A free app is included for kids to learn how to rotate, zoom, and view the spaceship model in 3D.

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10. Hot Wheels City Ultimate Hauler

A dinosaur and cars combine for great fun!

Satisfy this stomping T-Rex’s appetite with Hot Wheels cars for easy fun or quick cleanups! This hauler can carry at least 20 cars with a two-lane race track attached to the T-Rex’s back. Lights and sounds create more fun by sending those same cars flying out of the stomping and growling dinosaur’s mouth when you pull the tail.

For ages 4 years and older, this Hot Wheels City Ultimate Hauler comes with two cars to get the fun started!

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11. Ursula’s Mystical Cauldron

Dive into the magical world of The Little Mermaid!

Disney’s wicked aunt has a way for kids to pretend to do her bidding and capture Ariel’s voice. This mystical cauldron lights up with sounds and music from the classic movie. Waving your hand over the cauldron unleashes a magical mist and bubbling water. Use the spell book that is included and the color-changing Ariel figurine becomes human.

Along with Ursula’s spell book, a wand, dropper, two bottles of potion, and two fizzes are included for hours of mystical fun!

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12. Super Colossal Giganotosaurus Dinosaur

Hours of oversized action play!

Bring Jurassic World Dominion home with this 3-foot-long action figure toy. Adventures and thrills await your 4 year old this colossal star of the latest movie. Your little one will have a big appetite for playtime with Mattel’s super-sized dinosaur figure!

Kids will gobble up smaller creatures before unlatching this carnivorous dinosaur’s stomach so it can devour its prey all over again. Authentic sculpting and a marbleized finish on this Giganotosaurus make it easily recognizable from the movie.

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13. PAW Patrol Aircraft Carrier HQ

PAW Patrol Aircraft Carrier HQ

Mighty pups to the rescue!

Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie to the rescue with this aircraft carrier headquarters where Chase and his fellow mighty pups are ready for action! This hot toy for boys and girls 3 years old and up is over two feet long and has dual vehicle launchers.

Lights, sounds, and transformation put your kids in Adventure Bay. Simply push down and the command center turns into rescue mode. Pushing the exposed meteor activates sounds and lights from the movie.

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14. Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

Super Mario Adventures with Mario Starter Course

LEGO Super Mario Toy

This adventurous starter course features Mario, Bowser Jr., and Goomba figures. All interactive toys come with a buildable course that plays iconic music and sounds from the classic game. Super Mario has LCD screens in his eyes, belly and mouth for more than 100 instantaneous reactions.

As he runs and jumps trying to reach the Goal Pole, Mario collects virtual coins while touching seven different bricks for interactions your kids will love! Also, download the compatible LEGO Super Mario app for free and get more ways to play. Girls and boys 6 years and older will enjoy this interactive game experience!

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15. Tiny Land Kids’ Fort-Building Kit

Tiny Land Kids’ Fort-Building Kit

Endless indoor and outdoor fort-building fun!

If your kids love building toys, Tiny Land has the ideal surprise. This creative fort is for 5-8-year-old girls and boys who want multiple ways to build structures that do not fall apart. They will enjoy easily assembling and disassembling 130 pieces for DIY castle tunnels, tents, rocket towers, and more!

You can trust the construction of this fort-building kit. It meets testing standards. The balls are made of a PP and PE mix; the poles are constructed with sturdy PP to ensure elasticity and durability. Both are non-toxic so you are not worried about keeping your kids safe during hours of play.

Included with this deluxe pack is a pouch to make carrying and storage easy.

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16. Calico Critters Pony’s Stylish Hair Salon

Calico Critters Pony's Stylish Hair Salon

Beauty has never been more fun!

This hair salon dollhouse play set comes with Sally, a poseable pony figure with silky blonde hair and removable clothing. The two-story salon has a receptionist desk and shampoo station on the first floor. The styling station on the second floor includes a vanity.

Your 3 years and older little one will enjoy hours of play. Two colorful hair extensions come with 40 accessories of tiaras, ties, headbands, clips, and more to make unique hairstyles. The hair styling book includes ideas for pigtails, braids, and up-dos.

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17. Zookao Mini Spinning Drone

Zookao Mini Spinning Drone

Practice, learn, and fly!

The Zookao Flying Orb ball is a great toy for girls and boys 6-18 years old to play safely indoors or outdoors. The simple design concept of this ball is great for practice, social interaction, and even competitions.

Practice only takes a short time to learn gestures and strengths to master controlling throw gestures and strengths. Good eye, hand, and brain coordination soon follow for flight trajectories with creative ways of playing.

Most importantly, this hover ball has been proven safe after rigorous tests. High-quality materials are durable, flexible, and lightweight. It knows to slow down and stop when encountering an object to avoid damage. Additionally, the enclosed propellers help to ensure fan blades are not a danger to children.

The USB cable is included and makes charging fast and simple for connections to portable chargers, laptops, or mobile power supplies.

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18. Baby Alive Back to School Doll

Baby Alive Back to School Doll

Ready for some back-to-school fun!

This classic doll is the right size and ready for her first day of school! A diaper and juice box fills the backpack with everything Baby Alive needs. Your 3-year-old can pretend to send his or her baby doll to school in style with fashionable clothes.

Use stickers and doll-sized worksheets in the classroom to add fun to every school day. Place inside the folder and backpack so Baby Alive has something to bring home.

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19. LeapFrog 100 Words Book

LeapFrog 100 Words Book

Learning and fun go together!

Your 18-month-old can enjoy learning more than 100 words age-appropriate words with friends Monkey, Tiger, and Turtle. Categories include activities, animals, colors, foods, mealtime, pets, outside and so much more! When they touch the words, they will heat sound effects, fun facts, and new vocabulary words.

LeapFrog 100 Words book provides instructions in both English and Spanish to further help promote language skills.

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20. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch

Enjoy endless playtime possibilities!

This OLED Model w/ White Joy-Con offers both single and multi-player modes to enjoy playing with friends online or in person who also have a Nintendo Switch. Choose from pretend play, racing games, educational games and so much more for kids of any age.

A vibrant OLED screen can play well on the TV at home or on the go with the handheld mode. Get enhanced audio, 64 GB of internal storage, a wired LAN port dock, and a wide adjustable stand.

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Take the guesswork out of shopping by using this of the hottest toys for the 2023 holiday season. You will be glad to get a head start in bringing Christmas morning smiles to the faces of the girls and boys in your life.