Ukraine Evacuation

As tensions continue to rise, President Biden has issued a new warning to any Americans in the Ukraine. For months, President Vladimir Putin of Russia has amassed troops along approximately three-quarters of the border of the Ukraine. Diplomatic talks have done little to assuage Putin, who demanded that the Ukraine not be allowed to enter NATO, among other things. President Biden has sent troops to assist NATO in the event of a Russian invasion into the Ukraine, and still others were told by Secretary of Defense General Lloyd Austin to prepare to be called up for service.

Fox News correspondent Lucas Tomlinson reported that Americans were receiving personal phone calls stating that they should leave the Ukraine as soon as possible. There are some 30,000 American citizens in the country at present. The State Department is warning these individuals personally that they should leave the Ukraine within the “next 24 – 48 hours.”

United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken told reporters on Friday “we’re in a window when an invasion could begin at any time, and, to be clear, that includes during the Olympics.”

President Joe Biden is scheduled to speak with President Putin via phone on Saturday, according to a confirmed report by the National Security Council. Putin attempted to put the call off until Monday, but the United States pushed for a Saturday call and Russia relented.

These announcements come amid reports that the Ukrainian military is “on edge” and “more stressed” with the looming prospect of a Russian invasion. The Ukrainian military as well as private citizens have been in training in the event of an invasion, per videos shared via the internet.

An American official told Fox News that he had spoke with Ukrainian officials and military leaders. Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley has spoken with Chief Russian General Staff General Calery Gerasimov, during which the pair “discussed several security-related issues of concern.” No other details of the calls were made public.

Milley has also spoken with officials in France, Germany, Italy, Canada, Poland, the United Kingdom, and Romania. A spokesperson from Milley’s office did confirm that one of the topics discussed between Milley and his European counterparts had to do with the “ongoing coordination during the adjustment of U.S. force posture in Europe.”

Earlier today, the Pentagon announced that it would be deploying 3,000 paratroopers to Poland. This was confirmed by a senior defense official to Fox News. The troops are part of the 82 Airborne Division, currently stationed at Fort Bragg. They will leave for Poland within days and are expected to be in position early next week.

These troops will join the 1,700 whom Austin sent to the area on February 2, 2022.

The goal of the troops is to “reassure our NATO allies and deter any potential aggression against NATO’s eastern flank.” The troops will also train with other forces and contribute in other ways.