Family Of Oklahoma Teen Military Hopeful Cant Imagine He Was Murdered Shares Theory On His Final Hours

In rural Oklahoma, the tragic and mysterious death of 19-year-old Noah Presgrove on Labor Day 2023 continues to leave his family desperate for answers. The young man’s body was found naked and abandoned on a remote stretch of U.S. 

Highway 81, approximately 1.2 miles north of Terral in Jefferson County. Despite the initial investigation, his family remains haunted by unanswered questions and unexplained circumstances that shroud his final hours. Their search for truth has been relentless, fueled by glaring inconsistencies in the investigation and a deep, unwavering desire for closure. 

The lack of definitive answers has left them confused and distraught, but they continue to pursue every lead and work tirelessly to uncover the mystery behind Noah’s death. With each passing day, their determination only grows, and they hold on to the hope that someone will finally come forward with the truth about what happened.

A Fateful Morning in September

Noah’s sister, Madison Rawlings, vividly remembers the heart-wrenching morning when she received a call informing her of her brother’s death. Living in South Texas, she immediately drove to Oklahoma, an agonizing eight-hour journey that ended with her detouring around the area where Noah’s body had been found. “I don’t know if they had already removed him from the scene or not,” she said, “but traffic was still delayed.”

On the evening before his death, Presgrove had been seen at a party with friends, which was 30 miles from his home. His family remains bewildered about how he ended up dead along the highway without attempting to contact anyone. Despite previous occasions when Noah had walked away in frustration to cool off, he had always returned without incident. This time, however, he never made it back.

A Suspicious Death

Early in the investigation, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol ruled out a hit-and-run, noting that Presgrove’s injuries were inconsistent with those sustained in a vehicular accident. The authorities initially labeled it a “suspicious death” but have since stopped investigating it as a murder. Instead, Noah’s death remains shrouded in uncertainty, with no official public statement issued to clarify the circumstances.

“If he had been struck by a semi-truck or even just a mirror, his injuries would have been far worse,” Rawlings said. “But the officer quickly ruled out a hit-and-run.” Despite the lack of concrete answers, Rawlings and the rest of the family have focused their efforts on finding the truth.

The Search for Justice

In their pursuit of answers, the Presgrove family created a Facebook page called “Justice for Noah Presgrove” to share updates on his case and rally support from the community. “His family and friends are left with the pain of his loss and unanswered questions,” wrote his cousin, Ashley Chadwick, on the page. “As a community, we can come together to celebrate his life and keep his memory alive.”

Noah’s untimely death came just months after graduating early from Comanche High School, and he had been planning to enlist in the military. “He wasn’t someone who sought out problems or conflicts,” Rawlings said. “He was more interested in helping a friend in need than starting any kind of trouble.”

Despite this, seven months later, the investigation has not yielded definitive answers. The medical examiner’s report classified the cause of death as “multiple blunt force injuries” but could not determine the exact manner of death. The report added that Noah had been at a house party on September 3, 2023, where he drank alcohol before riding an ATV Ranger with several other men. After a rollover incident involving the ATV, he returned to the party and allegedly argued with his girlfriend before leaving and disappearing until the following morning when his body was found on the roadside.

Inconsistencies and Unanswered Questions

For Noah’s family, the details of the medical examiner’s report remain suspect. “I’m not sure who this girl is that he was supposedly arguing with,” Rawlings said. “That’s a question I’ve reached out to the medical examiner about.”

Adding to the uncertainty, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol has taken over the investigation but hasn’t provided any further clarification. The continued lack of answers has only deepened the pain and confusion surrounding Noah’s death, with Rawlings believing that her brother’s death wasn’t intentional. She speculates that an accidental death may have occurred and that the others involved panicked.

“I just can’t imagine anyone intentionally hurting Noah,” she said. “Maybe something happened accidentally, whether it was during Fight Club or on the ATVs, and the kids got scared.”

Noah’s family believes he was left on the side of the road as part of an attempt to hide the truth rather than as a result of malice. Rawlings and her family desperately want the authorities to be more transparent and thorough in their investigations, but she acknowledges the challenges that law enforcement faces when piecing together events without witnesses or clear evidence.

A Plea For Truth

Despite the uncertainty, Noah’s family remains hopeful that someone will come forward with the truth, enabling them to finally find peace. “At the end of the day, what we know is that he lost his life,” said his cousin, Lindsay Fowler. “He was found on the side of the highway, and it appears that he was dumped there. Someone knows what happened, and we want to know what happened.”

Rawlings emphasizes that the family harbors no ill will toward those involved but simply seeks closure. “Seven months is a long time, but we’re realistic enough to know that Noah wasn’t the only person who probably died that day,” she said.

The Presgrove family believes that transparency and honesty could help shed light on the tragic events that unfolded that night. They appeal to anyone with information to come forward, hoping that the truth will help mend the pain of losing Noah, a young man who had his whole future ahead of him.

In the absence of clear answers, the Presgrove family continues to keep Noah’s memory alive, sharing stories and rallying community support in their pursuit of truth. They describe Noah as a bright young man who avoided conflict and had plans to serve his country. His family feels confident that his legacy will endure through the memories shared by loved ones and those who knew him best.

Rallying The Community

Noah’s death has had a profound effect on his family and the wider community. The Facebook page created in his memory has become a hub for sharing information, organizing vigils, and providing solace to those affected by his death. Ashley Chadwick continues to encourage the community to come together, emphasizing the importance of staying united to keep Noah’s memory alive.

“We believe that the truth will come out, and we want to be ready when it does,” Chadwick said in a recent post.

As time moves on, the family remains steadfast in their resolve to uncover the truth, even as the months into nearly a year since Noah’s death. The community’s support remains crucial, bolstering the Presgrove family’s strength as they confront an investigation that sometimes feels stagnant and lacking momentum.

Noah Presgrove’s legacy remains in the hearts of his family and friends, and his memory will not be forgotten. The pursuit of truth is both a quest for justice and a testament to the love they had for him, a young man taken far too soon.