Kyle Rittenhouse on the stand

America watched as the verdicts were read regarding Kyle Rittenhouse’s self-defense trial. Kyle’s testimony was captivating. Even those who thought Rittenhouse should be found guilty followed the trail voraciously. The testimony of Gage Grosskreutz could have wrapped up the trial – Grosskreutz admitted under oath that he had been the first to point a gun at Rittenhouse. When Kyle himself took the stand – and most legal experts thought it was a risky choice – viewers were ensnared by his articulate speech, his manners, and his breakdown on the stand.

After such enthralling testimony, America waited nervously to hear the verdict. Expecting violence in the wake of an acquittal, the governor of Wisconsin had the National Guard sitting on ready if necessary. However, while there are those who are sorely disappointed that Kyle Rittenhouse walks a free man, there was no violence after the verdict – at least not in Wisconsin, and nowhere near the mayhem that took over Kenosha in August 2020.

It’s been just over a month since Kyle Rittenhouse got his life back. He spent nearly eighteen months with his life in limbo. So, what is Kyle up to today?

Within two weeks of the acquittal, Kyle appeared on Fox Nation’s Tucker Carlson Originals to give an exclusive interview. As always, Tucker asked some difficult questions, but the audience saw the same Kyle Rittenhouse during the interview as they did taking the witness stand. Kyle once again articulated his experience, and he shed some light on his plans for the future.

Carlson asked Rittenhouse about the politicization of the trial. Kyle responded – to the surprise of many – that he is actually a supporter of the Black Lives Matter movement. He related, “I believe that there needs to be change . . there’s a lot of prosecutorial misconduct (and not just in my case).” Kyle added: “If they (the prosecutors in his case) did this to me, imagine what they could have done to a person of color who doesn’t maybe have the resources I do or is not widely publicized like my case.”

Carlson discussed the defamation of Rittenhouse’s name, particularly by politicians. He inquired whether Kyle planned to do anything regarding civil suits. Rittenhouse replied, “I have really good lawyers who are taking care of that right now.”

Rittenhouse admitted that he feared he would spend the rest of his life in jail; in fact, until the verdicts were read, Kyle thought about that possibility every day.

Carlson moved through the interview and asked Kyle about his future plans. Rittenhouse replied that he hoped he could live a life that is stress-free and quiet. He also mentioned attending college. Rittenhouse mentioned his status as a student at Arizona State University. Rittenhouse had been taking online classes prior to the trial. At that time, he was undecided on a major; however, he told Carlson that he was considering nursing or even law school.

Within a week, Rittenhouse faced protestors at ASU who demanded that he be expelled from the university. While most of the protestors were students, a few were professors at the school. According to Rittenhouse family spokesman, Dave Hancock, Rittenhouse is considering enrolling in classes at ASU; his exact status as a student is unknown. However, just prior to the protests in early December, ASU told Fox News that Rittenhouse was not taking classes as of early December.

Rittenhouse told Tucker Carlson that he was aware of threats on his life, and he said that at the present time, he was not going to stay in the Midwest, but that he was “going to go lay low and live my life and enjoy it.”