Elon Musk Scandal

Elon Musk is no stranger to controversy, but the world’s richest man has had more than his fair share of scandals since he proposed buying Twitter in order to promote free speech on the platform. Since April, Musk has been accused of taking part in South African apartheid, his Tesla company has been under fire, and now, Musk is being accused of sexual harassment.

Still, Musk seems to be taking it all in stride. Plus, he’s not backing down, and he’s fighting back. He’s now taken to calling political activists on the Left “wacktivists.”

On Thursday, a story broke that Musk had exposed himself to a former SpaceX employee. According to the story, Musk had also rubbed her leg “without consent,” and he offered to buy her a horse in exchange for an “erotic massage.” The individual was a contractual member of the cabin crew for the corporate jet fleet division of SpaceX.

Business Insider broke the story, claiming to derive the information from “a friend” of the attendant. The source allegedly provided emails as well as other correspondence to prove the claims of harassment. According to the friend, Musk had encouraged the attendant to get her masseuse certification so that she could give him massages. The friend alleges that Musk “propositioned” the attendant “during one such massage.”

Musk was contacted by the news outlet, and he denied the allegations. He added that “there is more to the story,” and said that in thirty years, if he were “inclined to engage in sexual harassment, this is unlikely to be the first time (in my entire career) that it comes to light.”

Musk had posted a cryptic tweet on Thursday, inferring that the Left was about to come after him politically. He also said that the allegations of sexual harassment should “be viewed through a political lens.”

The flight attendant was paid $250,000 as a part of a severance package in 2018. However, the story alleges that the individual was paid this money not to talk about the incident.

Musk had already stirred critics by posting prior to the Business Insider story that he once voted Democrat “because they were the party of kindness.” Musk further related that he would be voting Republican in the next election. Musk called the sexual harassment allegations story “a politically motivated hit piece.”

Again, since Musk announced in April that he intended to purchase Twitter with the purpose of changing the algorithms and promoting free speech on the platform, he has endured much criticism from the media as well as from the Left.

On Wednesday, Project Veritas released a video in which a Twitter executive spoke salaciously of Musk, even saying that Musk has Asperger Syndrome and that Musk shouldn’t be considered special due to such.

Many have accused Musk of participating in South African apartheid. At 50 years of age, Musk would have been a teenager during the 1980s, when apartheid was at its height. Musk enrolled in college in Pretoria at the age of seventeen in order to prevent his having to submit to conscription. He left South Africa just a few months later when his visa was approved, moving to Canada. Musk never participated in apartheid; in fact, he avoided military service in his home country because the military were often the principles in carrying out apartheid in the country.

Musk has been snubbed by the Democratic Party prior to his tweet on Wednesday. Musk moved Tesla headquarters from California to Austin, Texas last year. Because Tesla is not unionized, his cars would not be eligible for the tax breaks promised under Biden’s Build Back Better bill. Musk was also not invited to a “Made in America” electric vehicle event, although Ford and GM were.

On Wednesday, when Musk tweeted that he would no longer support the Democratic Party, he added, “Political attacks on me will escalate dramatically in coming months.” Musk’s words are, sadly, accurate.