San Antonio International Airport Parking Rates

Are you planning a vacation and happen to be flying out of the San Antonio International Airport? Stick around because we may be able to save you some money that you can utilize to further enjoy your vacation. 

When planning a vacation, some questions must be answered to insure that you will have a successful trip. Important questions could be: 

  • How long will my vacation be? 
  • Where am I looking to stay during my vacation? 
  • What activities do I want to do when I am on my vacation? 
  • What is my budget for my vacation?

These questions are essential for having a successful vacation with your family, however another important question that you should ask yourself is: Where do I plan on leaving my vehicle while I am on vacation?

Before we dive into answering this question, let’s have a look at what the San Antonio International Airport would charge you if you plan on parking there. The San Antonio International Airport offers three parking lots. To park at the short term parking lot, the airport will charge you a hefty parking fee of $27.00 per day. When parking at the airport’s long term parking lot, the airport will charge you $16.00 per day, and when parking at the airport’s economy parking lot, the San Antonio International Airport will charge you $8.00 per day.

After taking a look at the options that the San Antonio International Airport parking offers, it is easy to want cheaper options. Lucky for you, we are here to help show you where to look when trying to save some money on parking. Let’s have a look at some of the off airport parking sites that help you beat the hefty rates that the airport is offering you. 

Cheapest Airport Parking 

One option for you when looking for a good deal on parking and avoiding the hefty rates that the San Antonio International Airport is charging you is with Cheapest Airport Parking. Cheapest Airport Parking is a off airport parking website that searches for alternative off airport parking spots so you do not have too. Parking lots include both traditional off airport parking lots as well as hotel parking lots. 

How Cheapest Airport Parking works is simply by going on to their website, selecting the airport that you are flying out of, selecting the dates that correspond with the length of your trip, and then hitting search. Once you hit search, Cheapest Airport Parking will find you cheap parking rates that are near the airport. 

When looking at the parking rates that this website has found for the San Antonio International Airport, the website lists several nearby hotels, some offering free shuttles to the airport and others not. The cheapest airport parking lot that you can find for this airport on this website is at the Red Roof Inn for $4.55 per day. Unfortunately, there is no shuttle service from this hotel, if you want that service, the next best option would be at the Courtyard by Mariot hotel, with a daily parking rate of $7.55 per day. 

On Air Parking 

Another option for when you are looking to beat the parking rates that the San Antonio International Airport is offering you is On Air Parking. On Air Parking is an off-airport parking company that offers some of the cheapest parking rates that you can find anywhere. On Air Parking finds close off-airport parking lots near the airport and works to provide you with the lowest price. 

How On Air Parking works is a lot like the last website we recommended. Simply go onto On Air Parking’s website, find which airport you want, plug in the dates that translate to the duration of your trip, and let On Air Parking find you a parking lot that works for you. Upon arriving at any of the parking lots that you have found through On Air Parking, you will be pleased to know that several of these lots offer a free 24/7 shuttle service that will take you to and from the airport whenever necessary. 

As for the San Antonio International Airport, On Air Parking has you covered. With On Air Parking, you can find a parking spot for this airport starting at $3.75 per day! On Air Parking is a solid choice when looking for the most affordable daily parking rate without compromising on convenience. 

Customer service for On Air Parking is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. ET and can be reached at (424) 532-8940. Book online today!

Airport Parking Reservations 

Airport Parking Reservations is another good site when looking to save some money on parking when flying out of the airport. Airport Parking Reservations is very similar to Cheapest Airport Parking. Everything from searching to booking your parking is done the same way. However, if you were not satisfied with any of the options that were offered with that website, Airport Parking Reservations is another great place to look. 

When looking for what Airport Parking Reservations offer for the San Antonio International Airport, there are not many options, however, there is parking listed at the Courtyard San Antonio Airport for as low as $7.95 per day.