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Dave Ramsey is a noted financial guru whose mission is to help Americans make wise spending and saving choices. On Wednesday morning, however, he stepped out of his comfort zone to discuss the negative effect high gasoline prices as well as higher price tags on necessities such as groceries and utilities are putting a walloping on American taxpayer wallets.

Ramsey told the Fox News “America’s Newroom” crew on Wednesday morning that soaring gas prices are having a “devastating effect” on lower-income Americans in particular.

Ramsey didn’t stop there, either. He fully placed the blame for these surging prices on policies enacted by the Biden Administration.

Ramsey said that inflation appears to be hitting individuals working in lower-income jobs, and it’s the same people who saw detrimental financial impact during the height of the pandemic – people from janitorial staff to restaurant servers to hotel housekeeping.

Ramsey said this is the second financial wallop for these individuals, “and they’re getting hit with this Biden inflation at the gas pump, and the gas pump is 100 percent on Biden’s desk. It’s 100 percent his fault,” said Ramsey.

Members of the Biden Administration have attempted to lay the blame for rampant inflation on everyone else or every other circumstance except for themselves and their policies. Since President Biden has taken office, gas has risen by over one dollar (since the Russian invasion into Ukraine, the national average of one gallon of gas has risen another seventy to eighty cents). Inflation hit a record high of nearly 8 percent at the end of February, and the Labor Department report revealing this new uptick in inflation did not contain data on costs surging since the Ukraine conflict began.

Even when gas went up in early March, the Biden Administration did its very best to convince the nation that the price increase is the fault of Vladimir Putin. Administration officials even attempted to get a hashtag to go viral – #PutinPriceHike – to demonstrate that gas is expensive, but it’s not the Biden Administration’s fault.

Jen Psaki and other White House officials even attempted to draft TikTok influencers to assist in promoting the idea that the surging inflation and rampant gas price hikes were the work of the Russian president.

President Joe Biden has since said that high gas prices are the fault of the oil companies or due to a long-gone Trump Administration policy, but the American people are loathe to buy the idea.

President Biden’s staff has tweeted out messages that his progressive economy “has worked,” but financial experts such as Dave Ramsey disagree. On Wednesday morning, an economics professor from The King’s College joined “Fox and Friends First” to discuss the economy and whom might be at fault. Professor Brian Brenberg told hosts for the show that this “political policy mistake will reach every corner of the country.”

Brenberg says that the inflation Americans are experiencing at the moment “can’t (be) escape(d).” Brenberg went on to say that Biden’s economic policies aren’t working for a number of people, including blue collar workers and those pouring blood, sweat and tears into a small business. “I don’t know why the president keeps saying this stuff,” said Brenberg.

Brenberg, among other economists, says that Biden seems “to give the impression he wants Americans to learn to live with inflation.”

An IEA recommendation for saving on gas prices recommended socialist-sounding proposals – car-free Sundays and limited private car access on certain days of the week in larger cities. However, those who commute to larger cities for work are balking as not all these individuals are able to work from home.

Like Brenberg, the American people are beginning to sense that Biden believes we should all simply learn to live with $5 dollar per gallon gas or empty shelves at the grocery store. Frankly, that’s a proposition that the American people don’t want to buy. As mid-terms loom ever closer – and many candidates are announcing their campaigns – will the Biden Administration listen to the people or possibly cause a huge red wave across America?