Gov Desantis

Question the average person on the street, and they likely aren’t knowledgeable about their own governor or what the governor is doing legislatively.

That’s not the case with Ron DeSantis. When DeSantis ran in 2018, he was a United States Congressman. He had a few interviews on conservative news outlets, but, he was largely unknown. He was endorsed by President Donald Trump, who joined DeSantis on the campaign trail multiple times. He beat Democratic opponent Andrew Gillum with 49.6 percent of the vote (Gillum garnered 49.2 percent).

Ask anyone from the United States – they likely know who Ron DeSantis is in 2022. That’s because DeSantis has proven to be an outspoken conservative – and a conservative who puts his money where his mouth is.

DeSantis recently signed a parental rights bill that some media outlets are touting as a “don’t say gay” bill. This law has become hotly debated across the country, and it’s embroiled DeSantis in a battle with one of the biggest tourist draws in his state – Disney. However, this isn’t the first time DeSantis has not only talked about an issue, but he’s done something about it.

In 2019, DeSantis issued Executive Order 19-32, which eliminated Common Core from the Florida state curriculum. He would eventually go on to sign a bill that would prevent any form of Critical Race Theory from being taught in Florida.

DeSantis signed a bill into law which would allow for the smoking of medical marijuana.

He also established a Joint Elections Security Initiative in which he called on the Department of State to look into election security.

DeSantis commissioned the first statue of an African American to the National Statuary Hall in honor of Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, and he’s signed into law protections against anti-semitism in Florida.

All of these things took place in 2019 alone – DeSantis’ first year in office.

During the height of the pandemic, Florida kept a relatively low rate of infection while managing to keep the economy open and keep schools open as well. DeSantis often took to the press to defend his method of handling the pandemic (among other issues), but, while he is direct, DeSantis speaks his mind without slipping into verbal attacks or insults of his critics.

DeSantis recently signed a Parental Rights in Education Act, which many are calling the “Don’t Say Gay” bill. This recent action has embroiled DeSantis in a battle with Disney.

However, DeSantis isn’t backing down.

The law reads: “Classroom instruction by school personnel or third parties may not occur in kindergarten through grade 3 or in a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate.”

Soon after DeSantis signed the bill, a video chat of Disney executives leaked in which some were discussing the bill as well as ways to promote an LGBT agenda.

While there are many who support Disney’s decision, there are just as many who believe that Disney is making a step in the wrong direction. While DeSantis’ new law doesn’t use the word “gay,” contrary to media reports, it does make it unlawful to teach children about any aspect of sexual orientation.

In other words, some of Disney’s target group would be shielded from discussions of that type in the classroom until they are a little older. Reports hold that Disney’s vow to “indoctrinate children into gender theory” is backfiring on them. Nearly 400,000 Disney+ subscriptions have been cancelled. People are cancelling their plans to tour the park.

While DeSantis has already said he has no plans to run for the presidency in 2024, his handling of so many political topics has garnered him national media attention. People are moving to Florida from all over the country, and it’s because of DeSantis’ policies. He has signed multiple laws aimed at improving the life of Floridians. While Americans are suffering from astoundingly high gas prices, surging food costs, and hikes in housing, DeSantis works to provide a commonsense approach to running Florida’s economy, protecting parental rights, improving education, and so much more.

Could DeSantis change his mind within the next two years and run for the presidency? DeSantis could be a driving force in the national Republican Party.