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A citizen is a legal resident of a country. You can become a citizen by birth, naturalization, or nationality of one or both parents. 

However, this post’s focus is on a model citizen. Model citizen boasts several definitions, making it quite confusing. 

Let’s look at the various definitions and respond to the question. 

What is the best definition of a model citizen?

First and foremost, know that not all citizens are model citizens. Model citizens possess unique characteristics that set them apart. 

Now, let’s tackle the definition. What definition is befitting for a model citizen? How would you describe a model citizen?

A model citizen obeys the laws of the land to the latter. They behave in a manner appealing to people in the society or group. 

A model citizen is always looking out for opportunities to uplift the community and its people. They don’t do things that will put individuals in the community in agony. 

A model citizen participates actively in elections. They vote, encourage others to vote, and will never condone electoral malpractices. 

A model citizen isn’t only law-abiding. They pay their taxes and encourage others to do so. 

The best example of who a model citizen is would be someone serving in a shelter. People in this category derive pleasure in volunteer work. 

How You Can Become A Model Citizen

Model citizens are like the blueprint for citizenship in societies. They make it easier for the people in power to govern citizens. 

Not everyone is a model citizen, even though that is what society needs to move forward. 

Now, what would it take for someone to become a model citizen? How can you become a good citizen that others may want to emulate? Let’s discuss that in detail. 

#1: Be patriotic:

Patriotism means being devoted to your country. You love and have respect for your country. Even when things don’t look too good, patriotic citizens will never talk bad about their country. 

A patriotic citizen is always positive, and they seek ways to make their country great. Here are some of the ways to show patriotism. 

  • Pay taxes regularly
  • You don’t litter the environment 
  • Don’t vandalize infrastructures 
  • Learn about your country’s rich history
  • Obey the laws of your country
  • Learn how to recite your country’s national anthem
  • Show confidence when flying your country’s flag.

#2: Should be super productive:

A model citizen seeks opportunities to move society forward. And a great way to achieve this is by being super productive. 

You can contribute to nation-building and the economy by being a productive employee, entrepreneur, caregiver, public servant, and so on. When you’re productive, other employees or businesses may want to emulate you. 

Even when not yet employed, a model citizen can use his skills or talent to help others. Organize free training sessions in your spare time. And encourage those learning under you to do the same once they become perfect. 

It is all about impacting the lives of people positively. That’s what model citizens do. If members in a community have skill sets that boast their employability, the crime rate may likely reduce. 

So, don’t hold back. Don’t hide your skills, and watch others in your community roam the streets hopelessly. Create training programs to teach individuals in your community what you know. 

You can organize training on skills, such as time management, event planning, web development, programming, public speaking, etc. 

#3: Be active members of your community:

Are you participating actively in your city or town’s social life? If you want to be a model citizen, this is important. 

By participating in community activities, you’ll be able to spot problems, whether big or small. As a model citizen, you cannot turn a blind eye to issues plaguing your community. 

Here are some ways to be an active community member.  

  • Join community events: This includes gallery openings, community theatres, or even festivals. 
  • Shop locally: By so doing, you’re promoting local businesses and empowering them to employ more individuals in your community. Remember, if the companies in your community grow, it would have a massive impact on many households. 
  • Connect with a local club of interest: What outdoor activity do you fancy? Is it hiking, kayaking, scuba diving, running, or skating? Join your group of interest. 

#4: Be active in your country’s political life:

Model citizens don’t take the backseat when it comes to politics. They’re always at the forefront. 

You can participate in your country’s political life in several ways. 

  • Vote: Voting in elections can help usher in a leader that will move the country forward economically, politically, and otherwise. A model citizen would also encourage others to vote and will never discredit the country’s electoral system. 
  • Attend council meetings:  Always create time to attend grass root meetings organized in your city. You have a better opportunity to make life-changing contributions to the community and nation in such discussions. 
  • Pursue a political office:  You don’t have to be a politician to be a model citizen. But if you feel you can serve your country better, then start building your political career.
  • Pick a pressing issue and pursue it:  Is deforestation a big problem in your community? Is it waste disposal? Identify a subject of interest in your community and find a solution to it. 

#5: Create time to mentor others:

Children are this great nation’s future leaders. In 20 years, a kid that’s 2 years old today would be 22. 

We need to start instilling the right mindset into our youngsters. And there’s no better individual to take up such a noble task than a model citizen. 

Teach kids in your community to be good citizens and join school-based mentorship programs to help impact more lives. 

#6: Keep the nation clean:

It is easy for people to use phrases like “keep the country clean” when they aren’t doing anything to help. 

Now, how can you keep the country clean? Well, charity begins at home. Someone whose house is dirty has no business urging people to keep the country clean. 

Remember, a home is nothing but a microcosm of the country. So, try to keep your home clean before channeling more energy to keep your community clean. 

Here are things you can do to help. 

  • Stop the habit of wasting electricity or water:  Before leaving the house, make sure you turn off your electrical appliances. Use energy-saving bulbs and appliances. 
  • Don’t delay in paying bills. Promote a healthy lifestyle:  You can’t find a model citizen drunk on the street. That’s not one of their traits. Modern citizens are well-behaved. They also eat healthily and enjoy keeping fit.   
  • Have strict rules guiding the family: These rules might help your kids become better individuals in society when they grow up.


What is the best definition of a model citizen? There are so many definitions out there on what a model citizen should be. 

Model citizens boast characteristics every citizen should have. They are always well-behaved and impact their communities positively. 

Model citizens can dedicate their time to making the lives of others better. They can volunteer their time to help in shelters and care homes. So, a model citizen participates in nation-building in varied capacities.