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ThisNation.com is a repository of basic information, resources and historical documents related to American Government and Politics. Our primary goal is to promote more effective participation in the American political system by providing factual, non-partisan information about government and politics in the United States of America . In addition to a wealth of free resources, ThisNation.com also offers a complete online, open American government and politics textbook.

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ThisNation.com is researched and written by Jonathan Mott, Ph.D. (Political Science from the University of Oklahoma). Dr. Mott has taught introductory American Government, American Political Thought, American Political Processes, the American Presidency, Congress and the Legislative Process, Campaign Management, Transitions from Campaigning to Governing, Cyberpolitics, Political Analysis and Public Policy at the University of Oklahoma and at Brigham Young University.

Dr. Mott's Ph.D. dissertation is on the styles of work adopted by members of Congress while at work in Washington, D.C. While doing his dissertation research, Dr. Mott served as an American Political Science Association Carl Albert Congressional Fellow in the office of Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. (R-OK), the Congressman who represented the area where the Motts lived while Jonathan was in graduate school. He has published articles in Social Science Quarterly, Public Integrity , the Journal of Political Science Education, Educause Quarterly and has presented at numerous academic conferences.

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